What the hell are you?
~ Wolverine to X-24.
X-24 is the tertiary and final antagonist of the 2017 Marvel superhero film Logan. He is a clone of James "Logan" Howlett, or the Wolverine, under control of Dr. Zander Rice.

As with Logan/Wolverine, he was portrayed by Hugh Jackman. 


X-24 was created by Alkali-Transigen after they deemed their genetically engineered mutants such as X-23, a failure. A perfect clone of Logan, X-24 resembled Logan in his physical prime. Dr. Zander Rice designed him to be a weapon – X-24 exhibited all the rage and ferocity of his genetic template, but none of the compassion or self-control. Once X-24 had been perfected, Transigen ordered the extermination of their other test subjects.

X-24 was sent to hunt Laura and kill Charles Xavier. He killed Xavier by stabbing him with his claws, later he killed the Munson family for protecting him and managed to capture Laura. When he tried to bring Laura as a prisoner to Zander Rice, he encountered Munson's enemy, Canewood, who mistook him for Logan and offered to pay him for five gram if he agrees to work for him. They attacked him so he killed them all.

X-24 is narrowly defeated when Will Munson, dying of his wounds, rams him with a car and impales him on a farming machine. Logan and X-23 escape. Dr. Rice and the Reavers recover X-24 and speed his regeneration powers to heal him back to fighting strength.

Caliban however manages to possess his mind for a while, and cause him to kill a few Reavers. After Logan saw Charles die he chased X-24 and fought him, grievously wounding him with Munson's help and freed Laura. Zander Rice healed X-24, and gained control over the mad clone in the process. Later, X-24 fought Wolverine while The Reavers tried to capture the mutant children.

X-24 impaled Wolverine on a fallen tree, only to be shot and killed by Laura, who used an Adamantium bullet (the one bullet that can kill Wolverine) to blow half his skull away. Despite his death, X-24 successfully kills Logan.


Genetically engineered as a killing machine, X-24 had a barbaric and feral mindset like an attack dog he would only listen to and or kill whoever his creator, Zander Rice would command. Little more than a savage animal, he embodied what Logan would have been if he had less control, had he not become an X-Man. Gabriela Lopez described X-24 as something "without a soul".

However, despite X-24's seemingly mindless and primitive nature, he displayed some level of thought outside of Rice. For example, he savagely murdered the Munson family and a gang when they attacked him despite Rice's commands for him to stop. When Logan killed Rice, X-24 appeared enraged at the sight of Rice's corpse, stemming either from his absolute loyalty to Rice or possibly having looked at Rice like a father-figure, and began behaving more savagely and rage-driven, thrashing Logan around more brutally before delivering the killing blow. This implies him to be a more sadistic killer than a simple mindless lapdog.


  • He is the final antagonist of the film, and was the last villain to die.
  • X-24 is a version of Logan that personified Logan's worst fears about himself; being a feral beast capable of nothing but hurting and killing people, something that Logan had been fighting against for a vast majority of his life[1] (Sabretooth served a similar purpose. X-24 also bears a physical resemblance to Sabretooth, as portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Logan's fights with X-24 were therefore literal and figurative battles against his worst inner demon.[2]
  • Hugh Jackman described X-24 as "Logan as if he was permanently in Berserker Rage." This may be an answer to fan outcry from the lack of Berserker Rage's use in the main X-Men series, as Logan is only shown in Berserker rage three times, once in X2, once in X-Men: Apocalypse and finally in Logan.
  • When his body is first shown in Gabriela Lopez's cell phone confession, it's shown in pieces. This is a reference to Albert, a cyborg clone of Wolverine from the comics.
    • In the comics, Albert is a cyborg clone of Wolverine created by Donald Pierce, while in the movies, X-24 was a genetic clone of Wolverine created by Zander Rice.
  • X-24 has never been seen talking and instead only making grunting sounds and cries due to his feral personality and constantly mindless state. Although it appears that he is able to understand commands in the English language. It's possible he was taught to do so, but wasn't taught to speak.
  • While Eddie Davenport was used as a stunt double for X-24's battles with Logan, Jackman played the rest of his scenes and his face was used as a digital reference using Motion-Capture.
  • During the film, X-24's eyes change as brown or green.
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