The Woman in Black
Anne lambton


The Woman in Black




Wipe out every child in England


Turned into a mouse and most likely killed

The Woman in Black is the secondary antagonist of the book The Witches and its film adaption. While the book heavily implies she is a witch, the film reveals she is a witch, as she appears in the meeting held by the Grand High Witch. She is played by Anne Lambton in the film.

The Witches (Book)

The Woman in Black only appears once in the original book. She is passing down the sidewalk when she notices Luke Eveshim building a treehouse. She takes out a snake and offers to give it to him. However, Luke is suspicious of her and climbs up the tree and stays up there until his grandmother calls to him. When he gets down, the Woman in Black has left.

Film Adaptation

In the film, the Woman in Black has a much larger role. Like the book, she sees Luke and tries to give him a snake. Luke sees that she has purple eyes, which his grandmother told him all witches have. After he refuses the snake, she takes out a poisoned chocolate bar and tries to give it to him. Luke calls for his grandmother and the witch quickly walks away. When Luke's grandmother does come out, the Woman in Black takes the snake out of her purse.

Later on, the Woman in Black books into the same hotel that Luke and his grandmother are at. While Luke is inside a large room, all the witches come in to hold a meeting. The Woman in Black is shown telling another witch not to take off her wig yet. Finally, the Grand High Witch tells all the witches to take off their disguises.

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