Witch Queen
The Witch Queen

Full Name



The Witch Queen


Wipe out all of humanity and rule the world


Gets killed by Kaulder and her heart locked away

I've taken this world back.
~ The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is the main antagonist of the film The Last Witch Hunter. She was the ancient ruler of all witches prior to her defeat by Kaulder. 

She was portrayed by Julie Engelbrecht.


The Witch Queen was the queen of all witches centuries in the past. When humankind was born and populated the planet, the Witch Queen saw them as trespassers on the world, which she believed belonged to the witches. In an effort to wipe out humanity, the Witch Queen unleashed the Black Death onto Europe, killing millions of people. To combat this threat, the founders of the Axe and Cross Order tracked the Witch Queen to her lair within the Plague Tree to kill her. In the battle that ensued between the witch hunters and the Witch Queen's guards, one of the witch hunters, Kaulder, personally confronted the Queen. Kaulder managed to defeat the Witch Queen and stabbed her in the heart. Before dying, however, the Queen cursed Kaulder with immortality. 

Unbeknownst to Kaulder, the Witch Queen's heart survived destruction, and should it be destroyed, Kaulder would die. The Axe and Cross Order discovered the heart and sealed it away, intending to use Kaulder as a weapon against the surviving witches.

Eight hundred years later, the witch Belial retrieved the Queen's heart and used a blind witch merchant named Max Schlesinger as a sacrifice to resurrect the Witch Queen. Kaulder managed to kill Belial, but the Witch Queen was revived and set off to create another plague to wipe out humanity. She killed the Axe and Cross Order and the Witch Council, and psychically linked the minds of the witches imprisoned in the Witch Prison in order to form The Chant and create the new plague. 

Kaulder, joined by the witch Chloe and the 37th Dolan, infiltrated the Witch Prison to stop the Queen. They manage to kill Ellic, one of the witches, severing the Chant, while Kaulder defeats the Queen. However, the 37th Dolan reveals that he is actually on the side of the witches and injured Kaulder, allowing the Witch Queen to recover. She uses Chloe to restart the Chant before turning on and killing the 37th Dolan for being human. However, Kaulder, willed by the memories of his dead family, gets up and continues his standoff against the Queen. He manages to plunge his sword into the Witch Queen's heart, destroying her and saving humanity.

Kaulder spared the Witch Queen's heart, convinced by Chloe that the world still needed him, and he sealed the Witch Queen's heart away.