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Cause destruction


Gets electrocuted by Sparky

The Were-Rat is one of the minor antagonists in Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. He is a reanimated and mutated rat.


The Were-rat was a normal rat once before he was run over by a car and killed. His body was thrown in the trash bin. He was found by Edgar and brought out. Word had got out about how Victor Frankenstein reanimated his dog Sparky, and now the children were conducting science experiments on dead animals. Egar tried an experiment on the rat. However, his experiment went wrong and the rat did come back to life, but as a giant, mutated beast. The monster now walked on two legs, and he had a hunchbacked body and a taste for destruction. Along with the other mutated animals, The Were-Rat went on a rampage, even attacking the one who created him. He attacked a circus, along with the Turtle Monster, the ressurected turtle of Toshiaki, and Mr. Whiskers, Weird Girl's pet cat who was turned into a- cat-bat hybrid. Wrecking havoc at the circus, the beast targetted Elsa Van Helsing and her dog Persephone, but was challenged by Sparky. There was a short fight which ended when the Were-Rat bit Sparky's collar and he ended up getting electrocuted to death.

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