Vladimir Trunkov is the leader of Trunkov cars and one the supporting antagonists (alongside with Tubbs Pacer J. Curby Gremlin and Victor Hugo) in Cars 2


He is seen in a casino in Porto Corsa with his henchmen and other lemon leaders. He says to Hugo that their boss has not yet arrived. The latter speaks to them from television sets and promises them revenge. Vladimir and the other lemons watch the runners blow their engines to disgust the people of the Allinol. 

He and the others celebrate their victory interrupted by Lightning McQueen who will still take Allinol as fuel for the London race. 

The next time we see Vladimir will be in London. He observes the runners with Z and the lemon leaders. When the Professor runs away because he is chased by Finn, Vladimir shouts to get McQueen. 

He and the other lemons ambush McQueen, Mater and the two agents, which Lightning asks if they want him dead. Vladimir replies that there is nothing personal to it. 

Then, Sally and the people at Radiator Springs surprise the lemons and put them out of action. Flo lights up Vladimir in the eyes and the Sheriff arrests him by putting a shoe on one of his rear wheels.

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