Over the hedge vincent

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Angry bear, homicidal bear, scary clown (briefly by Hammy)


Make RJ get his food back


Taken to the Rockies

Vincent is the main antagonist in Over the Hedge. He was voiced by Nick Nolte.


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Over The Hedge

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Over the Hedge:The Video Game

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Bee Movie

Vincent made a non-speaking cameo in Bee Movie in the court room.


  • Vincent was the one who gave RJ a deadline for giving him a week to return his food and he was proud of him. RJ turned good in the end when he saw his friends and decided not to give away the food.
  • Vincent is the opposite of RJ. RJ is a self-centered thief but, he really has a soft side to his friends and became the protagonist after he realized his mistake. Vincent however is cruel and mean. He gave him a deadline for returning him new food in one week. He was proud of RJ and wanting to become like him.


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