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The Nun, the Crooked Man


Corrupt and torment human beings


Condemned to Hell by Lorraine Warren

Valak is the main antagonist of The Conjuring 2. It is a demonic spirit who primarily takes the form of a nun, and is responsible for the haunting of the Hodgson family. 

It is portrayed by Bonnie Aarons.


Valak first appeared when paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were documenting the Amityville murders in 1976, attempting to determine whether a demonic force had been responsible for Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdering his family two years ago. During the seance, Lorraine has a vision where she relives the murders, and sees Valak in the form of a demonic nun, before witnessing her husband get impaled. Lorraine was snapped out of the vision afterwards.

Valak continued to haunt Lorraine for months afterwards. In 1977, Valak begin haunting the Hodgson family, primarily their second oldest daughter Janet. Valak used Bill Wilkins, the spirit of the previous owner of the house, as an instrument to torment the family, manipulating him into haunting Janet. When Ed and Lorraine Warren became involved in the case, Lorraine had another encounter with Valak, during which the demon spoke its name, which Lorraine scribbled down in her Bible.

After discovering that Wilkins was merely a pawn, the Warrens return to the house, only to find Janet possessed by Valak and the rest of the Hodgsons locked outside. A lightning strike hits a tree near the house, leaving a jagged stump resembling the object used to impale Ed in Lorraine's vision. Ed ventures into the house to find a possessed Janet preparing to commit suicide, and tries to save her, but Valak tries to kill them both. However, Lorraine, remembering the demon's name, arrives and confronts Valak, addressing it by name and condemning it back to Hell. Janet is freed of her possession, and Lorraine pulls her and Ed to safety.


  • Valak is based on a demon from mythology, said to be the President of Hell, with legions of demons at its command.
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