This blog is to outline the migration to another wiki. First, a quick background on the situation. An update from March 2020 has been added at the bottom.

How we got here:

In 2012, a person wanted his own version of the Villains Wiki so he created two wikis about antagonists, made them look like the Villains Wiki and then he left and never came back. This is the first one with the "" address. That's this one, with the "Antagonists Wikia" logo. The second has an address of "". It has the background showing Captain Hook, Yzma and more. You can see it here.

Four years later, a complaint was registered with Fandom that too much was being copied from the Villains Wiki without saying so. This is called copying without attribution. Copying from one wiki to another is allowed under Fandom's Licensing policy but you specifically have to say where you got the information. To avoid this wiki being shut down, the notice about info here may have been copied from somewhere else had to be added to almost all pages.

Related to this, one of the former admins of this wiki was a big culprit in copying without attribution, before and after the formal notice from Fandom. She is at least partly responsible for the attribution notice having to be used here. Since she has continued doing this over the years under her numerous sockpuppet accounts, it's possible she is the reason why the complaint was made.

Duplication of effort:

Because there wasn't any leadership on either Antagonists wiki for a long time, it led to several problems. One was people were (and still are) creating pages for the same character on both wikis. Another is sometimes the pages go in different directions as new people edit them. This wiki will say one thing and the other wiki will say something different.

Both of these are also the result of not creating the wikis the right way. The better way would have been to create one wiki and ask for a forward to be placed on the other. For example, creating one with "antagonists" in the website address and requesting "antagonist" forward into it.

Situations like this have a side effect that neither wiki grows as much as it could because it depends on which one people visit, and the ones that are visiting both and putting the same information on both reduce the amount of time they have available to work on them.

Where we go from here:

We need to start consolidating effort into one wiki. Normally it's fine if there's more than one wiki about a subject as long as they were created by different people. But two created by the same person on the same day who immediately abandoned them? Not so much.

First, I'm going to request everyone stop editing here and go over to the second Antagonists Wiki. Don't do anything further here, and especially DO NOT copy anything from here. Put your efforts into the other one and start fresh.

Second, DenisFan1998 and I are bureaucrats and administrators for this wiki. I'm an administrator for the second one but DenisFan1998 doesn't have any extra rights there. I am requesting bureaucrat and admin rights for both of us on the second wiki so we can work together equally and to have backups for being able to promote users in the future.

Third, once both of the above are under way, I'm going to put in a request to have this wiki forwarded into the second. If they type "", they'll be sent to "". The request will go in later this year.

Fourth, NONE of the information here is going to be moved there. If there are pages here that aren't there, I'd like to move them there, but we really can't. Any pages that have the attribution notice would have to include the notice on the second wiki. There's no way around it. So to avoid that baggage, we're going to leave everything behind.

It's an unusual and drastic measure, but it's necessary.

March 3, 2020 update

All pages that had the attribution notice on them have been deleted. I've been given bureaucrat rights on the second wiki and will check with DenisFan1998 to see if he wants the same rights there. A request will be sent in this month to set the forwarding into the other wiki.

As a reminder, don't create any new pages here. Do it on the other wiki.

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