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Full Name



Sea Witch, Ursula the Sea Witch


Take revenge on King Triton and rule the sea


Impaled by Eric's ship, struck by lightning, and sinks to the bottom of the sea

So much for true love!
~ Ursula

Ursula was the main antagonist of The Little Mermaid. She was a human-octopus hybrid and a sea witch, who once lived in the palace, but she was banished for possibly practicing black magic. Ursula is still remembered as one of the best Disney villains and an official member. She is voiced by Pat Carroll.

Ursula is based on the sea witch from Hans Christian Andersen's original fairy tale, who was a neutral character, but in the Disney version, Ursula's role was expanded and she became the antagonist of the film. Ursula is a cecaelian who tricks merpeople into signing deals that come at a price, and if they cannot own up to it, they are turned into polyps, and added to her garden of condemned merpeople.

Ursula is also the older sister of Morgana.


The Little Mermaid

Ursula first appears when she watches Ariel and Flounder swimming home using a magic globe, and mocks their celebration, claiming that when she lived in the palace, there were fantastic feasts, and is starving now that she was banished, and is now living in a deceased leviathan. Ursula plots to overthrow King Triton and take his place as ruler of Atlantica. After Ariel sings "Part of Your World" Flotsam and Jetsam appear from behind her and send their message to Ursula, who is watching from inside her lair.

Ursula discovers that Ariel is in love with a human, named Eric, and sends Flotsam and Jetsam to retrieve her. Ariel is at first reluctant to go, but ultimately agrees and follows them to Ursula's lair. Ursula proposes to transform Ariel into a human for three days, and if she gets a kiss of true love from Eric will remain human forever. However, the price is Ariel's voice. Ariel agrees and Ursula transforms her into a human.

However, during Ariel's time as a human, Ursula goes to extreme measures to keep her from kissing Eric. Eventually, she transforms herself into a beautiful human by the name of Vanessa, and bewitches Eric into marrying him. The wedding is interrupted by Ariel's seagull friend Scuttle, but by then, the sun sets on the third day and Ariel transforms back into a mermaid. Ursula grabs onto her and drags her back underwater, but is confronted by Triton.

After informing Triton of Ariel's deal with her, she gives Triton himself a deal: he will take Ariel's place as a polyp. Triton reluctantly agrees Ursula takes his crown and trident. However, she tries to kill Ariel anyways, but Eric intervenes and in the ensuing struggle, she unintentionally hits Flotsam and Jetsam with a shot meant for Eric, destroying them, much to her horror. In her anger, she transforms into a giant version of herself.

Declaring herself ruler of the ocean, she creates a rainstorm that separates Ariel from Eric. She then causes a whirlpool that raises a sunken ship out of the water. Ariel is thrown at the bottom of the whirlpool and Ursula attempts to strike her with her trident, but Ariel barely manages to avoid them. While she is distracted trying to kill Ariel, Eric takes control of the ship and steers it towards Ursula, who is impaled by the ship's bow. Ursula is then fatally struck by lightning, and explodes, pieces of her deceased body sinking to the bottom of the ocean. With Ursula dead, Triton and the other merfolk condemned by Ursula return to their original states.


  • Ursula is the first villain in the "Disney Renaissance".
  • Ursula is a type of creature known as a cecaelia, which is a half-human, half-octopus type creature. 
  • In an original draft of the film, Ursula was King Triton's sister, making her Ariel's aunt. If this were kept, Ursula would've been the first Disney Villain to be biologically related to the protagonist, predating Scar.


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