Turtle Monster




Turtle Monster


Eat his former owner


Gets electrocuted

Shelley, later known as the Turtle Monster, is Nassor'sToshiaki's pet turtle and a major antagonist in Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.


Originally Toshiakis pet turtle, the little thing had died, much to Toshiaki's grief. After hearing of how Victor Frankenstein reanimated his dog Sparky, Toshiaki decided he would try to do the same to Shelley. His experiment worked, and Shelley was ressurected from the dead. Unfortunately, he had been mutated, and become a giant, bipedal monster. Not remembering his past life, the Turtle Monster went on a rampage across the town. Toshiaki went to Victor for help, and they tracked the Turtle Monster to the circus. The Turtle Monster spotted and approached his former owner with the intention of eating him. This backfired when Victor managed to electrocute the giant monster, who shrunk back to normal size and died again. Even though the Turtle Monster tried to eat him, Toshiaki still mourned his death.


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