Travis is a minor antagonist in Zootopia. He is the sidekick of Gideon Grey.


Travis is a black-footed ferret with a white t-shirt, a white fur pattern and red soccer shorts. He also has twisted whiskers.

He is about Judy Hopps' size when they were both children.

He also appears to be smaller than Gideon.


Travis appears to be a rude, mocking and annoying bully. He is also a coward when he shrinks away from Judy, as she approached, and joins Gideon's side.

He is shown to be smarter than Gideon, as he corrects his mispronunciation for "DNA", which caused him to be angry with him.

Unlike Gideon Grey, Travis does not reform at all.


  • "Um, I'm pretty much sure it's pronounced 'DNA".
  • "Look at her nose switch! She is scared!".
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