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Use the Rainbow of Darkness to plunge Dream Valley into eternal darkness


Torn apart by the Rainbow of Light

Quiet my friend, your time will come.
~ Tirek, to the Rainbow of Darkness

Tirek is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony TV special Rescue at Midnight Castle. He is a demonic centaur and the ruler of Midnight Castle, as well as Scorpan's master.

He is voiced by Victor Caroli.


Prior to the events of the special, Tirek had amassed an army and taken up residence in Midnight Castle. Wielding an evil magic called the Rainbow of Darkness, Tirek intends to use his dark magic to corrupt Dream Valley and bring about eternal darkness in an event called the "night that never ends". At some point, he also destroyed a human kingdom and transformed its prince into a demonic creature named Scorpan to be his servant.

Putting his plans into motion, Tirek sends Scorpan out to capture four ponies, intending to corrupt them with the Rainbow of Darkness so that they will pull his chariot through the air and allow him to spread the Rainbow of Darkness over Dream Valley. When Scorpan fails to bring enough ponies after an assault on Dream Castle, Tirek threatens to kill his foster son, a young dragon named Spike.

During a rescue party led by a human girl named Megan Williams, Tirek captures the last ponies he needs. Corrupting them with the Rainbow of Darkness, Tirek sets out in his chariot over Midnight Castle. A brief battle ensues, during which a reformed Scorpan tries to stop Tirek, but fails. He is eventually defeated when Megan releases the Rainbow of Light, which overpowers the Rainbow fo Darkness and destroys Tirek. After his death, all those under his spell are restored to their true form, and the Midnight Castle ceases to exist. 


Tirek was the most evil villain the ponies have ever faced. A malevolent demon, Tirek sought to bring about eternal night. He was very sadistic, taking joy out of corrupting those around him and tormenting his underlings. He also held little tolerance for failure, threatening Scorpan when he failed to kidnap enough ponies, and even threatening to kill Spike if Scorpan failed him again. 

Powers and abilities

Tirek is a powerful wizard whose dark powers are manifest primarily in his Rainbow of Darkness, which has the ability to distort and corrupt whatever it touches. He also held authority over an army of demonic creatures that did his bidding.


  • Tirek's name is sometimes mispronounced as Tirac. 
  • Tirek was later revamped for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this time appearing as the main antagonist of the two-parter episode "Twilight's Kingdom".
  • Several villains that appeared in Friendship is Magic also held some similarities to Tirek. Nightmare Moon, like Tirek, wanted to bring about eternal night, while King Sombra was associated with darkness and tried to kill Spike.
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