Careful, I'm contagious.
~ Thrax's first and most famous quote.
You incubate! I said 48 hours, I'm gonna make my deadline. Medical books aren't written about LOSERS!
~ Thrax killing the rest of his gang before going after the hypothalamus himself.

Thrax is the main antagonist of the 2001 live-action/animated Warner Bros. film, Osmosis Jones. He is an extremely virulent, one-of-a-kind virus, whose goal in life is to kill all his targets faster than the previous one, to make sure that history would remember him as the deadliest virus known to man.

He was voiced by Laurence Fishburne who also played Omar and Ronald Noland.

Role in the film

In the beginning of the movie, Thrax enters the body of Frank DeTorre, a widower without the slightest regard for hygiene and health, right after he eats an egg that had monkey saliva on it and then fell on a muddy floor. He then enters Frank City, a city inside Frank's body where all his body cells are living a life identical to that of humans. Thrax quickly takes control of the many gangs of bacteria present and plans to take advantage of Frank's poor health condition to operate undetected.

Osmosis Jones, one of Frank's white blood cells who acts as an elite police officer, and a cold pill named Drix soon discover that something dangerous is going on, but the objectionable Mayor Phlegmmings dismisses their warnings, going as far as refusing to acknowledge Thrax as a serious threat when he can no longer ignore his existence.

Jones infiltrates a meeting of Thrax and his thugs in a zit, attempting to get in on Thrax's plans, discovering that he is plotting to kill Frank and that he had already killed previously. When he is caught, Drix arrives to assist Ozzy. After a brief battle, the zit explodes, killing most of Thrax's gang and conceivably the virus himself but he turns out to have survived. Later on Thrax and his remaining thugs hide out in the toenail. As Thrax prepares to get back on schedule, one of his gangsters suggest they incubate for a while as they are few in numbers. Angered, Thrax kills his remaining mobsters by impaling them with his deadly claw, quoting "Medical books aren't written about losers!" as he heads off to kill Frank on his own.

Thrax battling Ozzy on Shane's eye

Ozzy battles Thrax in Shane's eye

Jones and Drix are ordered to cease their investigations, but they eventually disobey and manage to track down Thrax. He had sneaked into the hypothalamus and stole a DNA bead, causing Frank's body temperature to increase without end and seriously threatening his life. Jones and Drix manage to pursue Thrax outside of Frank's body (who has been admitted in a hospital) and Jones engaged him into a fight to get back the DNA bead.

When Thrax corners Ozzy atop Shane's false eyelash, the virus threatens to kill her and start a new chain, but the cop replies that only Thrax is going down, obvious that he was too dangerous to be left alive. As Ozzy traps Thrax onto the falling falsie, the cop clings onto Shane's real eyelash, and Thrax falls into a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and dissolves and burns to death once and for all. Frank is then saved in extremis and the cells inside him make him adapt into a healthier lifestyle for the ware.


Thrax is totally ambitious, nasty, intelligent, lethal and sadistic. His desire for fame and to be catalogued in the medical books as the most deadly virus known to man accumulates in him attempting to kill as many people as possible, until it became almost a contest to Thrax, trying to kill each individual at a time limit to best each death after the other.

On matters of his victims, Thrax is completely remorseless and intensely proud. His accomplishments in these regards have left him extremely arrogant, to the point where he claims a fatal virus such as ebola was "dandruff compared to [him]". He excels a level of confidence that exceeds his own sense of sadism and brutality. He has even shown to make sarcastic jokes while killing his enemies. Such as while choking Osmosis with his DNA chain, saying he "wore it well" and after seemingly killing Jones, he asks if he could "feel the heat?".

Though very ruthless and cruel he also has a suave and charismatic side to him, though this only serves to enhance his menace.


  • Unknown number of previous human victims
  • Artie (scene only)
  • Artie's co-worker (scene only)
  • Scabies
  • Scabies's mobsters
  • Hypothalis scientists


Sounds like a gas, baby. Bring it on.
~ Thrax to The Boss.
Ebola? Let me tell you something about ebola, baby. Ebola IS A CASE OF DANDRUFF compared to me!
~ Thrax when Scabies mocks him as "thinking he's ebola".
This DNA bead came from a little girl in Riverside, California. Didn't like to wash her hands. Took me three whole weeks. And this one, nice woman in Detroit, Motown; Six days flat. Then there's this old guy in Philly. I killed him in 72 hours. Yeah, I'm getting better as I go along, baby, but the problem is I never set a record! Until my man Frank, that is. I'm gonna take him down in 48 hours! Get my own chapter in the medical books!
~ Thrax talking to a group of germ thugs, explaining his wicked evil plan to break his record by killing Frank Detore in 48 hours.
This cat was sick before I even got here.
~ Thrax after escaping from Frank's memories.
You know what, Jones? You want this chain so bad, Big Daddy Thrax is gonna let you have it! Looks good on ya, Jones! You wear it well! It's a shame you had to come this far from home just to die.
~ Thrax strangling Osmosis Jones with the chain.
Can you feel the heat, Jones? (laugh) Too bad you won't be here to see me break my record when I take down Frank's pretty little girl. (Ozzy: She ain't goin' down!) Huh? (Ozzy: YOU are!) WHAT?! NO!
~ Thrax's last words and Ozzy's response.



  • Thrax's name comes from the real life disease, Anthrax, though Thrax cannot be likened to any real-life virus. But the symptoms resemble an exceptionally violent version of Scarlet Fever.
  • Thrax is described as La Muerta Roja (Red Death), in reference to the Edgar Allen Poe story, Masque of the Red Death; however the symptoms of the disease in the story bare little resemblance to the symptoms caused by Thrax.
  • The song that Thrax hums throughout the movie is called "Fever".
  • Depsite the film's failure at the box office, Thrax has been praised by most viewers.
  • Inspired the other Osmosis Jones villain "Scarlet Fever".
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