The Toad

Full Name

The Toad


Boss (by his henchrats), Cousin (by LeFrog) Kermit (briefly by Rita)


Wash out Ratropolis full of rats and replace it with his tadpoles


Gets his foot frozen, and gets his tongue caught in the gear mechanisms of the floodgates afterwards, thus swearing revenge on Roddy and Rita

The Toad is the main antagonist in the DreamWorks computer-animated film, Flushed Away. He is Spike, Whitey, and Le Frog's boss (as well as Le Frog's older cousin).


The Toad serves as Charles' pet until they both got seperated.

He serves as the boss of the following henchrats:Spike, Whitey, Thimblenose Ted, Fat Barry and the Ladykiller.

Despite being a rat hater, he has henchrats.


The Toad is an evil, pompous, greedy, arrogant, selfish, short-tempered, aristocratic amphibian who hates rodents. He was replaced by one as Prince Charles' favorite pet. Since that day, the Toad has hated rats and planned to wash them all away in a flood in the sewers to make room for his tadpole children. At the end of the film, the Toad's plan almost succeeded until Roddy froze the flood and saves the rats of Ratropolis.


The Toad is an obese green toad with hazel eyes and dark green lips. He wears a dark purple suit, a pink dress shirt, a yellow tie and brown shoes. He usually wears a purple robe, a yellow cravat, purple pants and red slippers similar to his shoes. He also wears three gold colored rings on his fingers: a blue ring on his right hand and red and yellow rings on his left hand.


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