Slender goat

Slender Goat is a minor antagonist in Goat Simulator that only appears in Goat City Bay.


Slender Goat has a very tall appearance, of which looks like a ragdoll of a shrunk goat. Talking about the name, it is slender. Its skin muscle skin can be visible.


PC/Xbox Version: 

It appears in the dark forest in which the cobblestone can be found. It won't attack you, but is confirmed to stalk you.

Mobile Version: 

It appears near the playground and fans, in which one has the wind relic, to unlock the Tornado Goat. It will attack you by making roaring and crunching noises, which are the same as the Space Goat. When out of graveyard, it disappears.


It is a mix of a normal goat, Ripped Goat, and Alien Goat.


  • It is actually impossible to obtain the mutator, you'll just get a regular Ripped Goat.
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