The Moon King
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Full Name



The Moon King


To kill Kubo's parents, to blind Kubo and take him away to live with him in the stars and take over the world


Becomes human and joins his grandson and the other villagers

You want to be human? Then share their weakness! Suffer their humiliation! Feel their pain!
~ The Moon King to Kubo

Raiden the Moon King is the main antagonist of Kubo and the Two Strings. He is an immortal deity and the grandfather of Kubo and the father of Sariatu and The Sisters

He is voiced by Ralph Fiennes, who also played Lord Voldemort.



The Moon King ruled the world among the stars, living with his three daughters overlooking the Earth. The Moon King knew of a magical suit of armor and, to prevent any warrior from wearing it and growing too powerful, sent his daughters to wipe out the samurai. One of the warriors the daughters were tasked to kill was a samurai named Hanzo. However, the Moon King's eldest daughter, Sariatu, fell in love with Hanzo, and the two had a child named Kubo. The Moon King, enraged, laid waste to Hanzo's army and attempted to steal Kubo's eyes to strip him of his humanity. Though he managed to steal one of Kubo's eyes, Sariatu escaped with him and made their home in a mountain.

In retribution for Hanzo's offense, the Moon King and his daughters transformed him into a beetle-like hybrid with no recollection of his identity. For years, he and his daughters have sought to find Kubo and steal his remaining eye, to strip him of his humanity and bring him back into the stars to live by his side, thus restoring the family to perfection.

Role in the film

Eleven years later, the Moon King and his daughters have failed to locate Kubo. Meanwhile Kubo and his mother are living in a mountain near a small village, with Sariatu warning Kubo never to venture out after the sun sets, for if he does, the Moon King and his daughters will find him and steal his remaining eye.

One day, while Kubo is visiting a cemetery to speak to his father, he stays out after sundown, allowing the Moon King's daughters to find him. The Sisters destroy Kubo's village and seemingly kill Sariatu, but Kubo manages to escape, told by his mother to seek out his father's armor. Sariatu, before her death, transfers her essence into a small monkey charm, bringing the charm to life and allowing her to guide Kubo on his quest. During their journey, they are joined by Hanzo, now known as Beetle. 

The Moon King sends the Sisters to retrieve Kubo before he finds the pieces of the armor, but one of the Sisters is killed by Monkey. The Moon King later visits Kubo in a dream, directing him to his father's destroyed fortress to find the final piece of the armor, the Helmet Invulnerable. However, this was a trap, and the three are ambushed by the remaining Sister, who kills Monkey and Beetle. However, Kubo manages to destroy the Sister, and returns to his destroyed village, where he finds the Helmet Invulnerable, the village's bell.

The Moon King arrives in the village, where he asks for Kubo to come with him and live by his side in the stars. Kubo refuses, and the enraged Moon King transforms into the Moon Beast, a giant dragon, and battles Kubo, who dons his father's armor. During their fight, Kubo manages to blind the Moon King in one eye, but fails to defeat him. Kubo is thrown into the village's cemetery, the Moon King pursuing him. Kubo then sheds his armor and re-strings his shamisen, and uses its magic to summon the spirits of the deceased villagers, showing the Moon King that memories are the most powerful magic of all. The magic overwhelms the Moon King, who is stripped of his deity and transformed into a mortal.

Now mortal, the Moon King has no recollection of his past. The villagers then convince him that he is a member of the village, and is a good man. He then joins the village as Kubo's grandfather.

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