The Lich

Full Name

The Lich


The Lich King


To bring about the end of all life


Transformed into a human child named Sweet Pig Trunks, but his evil soul continues to secretly live inside him.

The Lich is a powerful undead entity and the overall true main antagonist of the Cartoon Network TV show Adventure time. He is voiced by Ron Perlman.


The Lich was once a force existing before time itself, when there where only monsters, as well as one of the many embodiments of the catalyst comet that, after crashing on Earth and wiping out the dinosaurs, apparently was reduced to a unseen spirit until it's new physical body was created during the Great Mushroom War after the Mushroom bomb hit Earth and created the apocalypse from which he plotted to kill all life, but was stopped and captured in a prison of Amber by the legendary hero Billy.

During the show

The Lich's first appearance was in His Hero but he wasn't formally introduced until Mortal folly in which he manipulated a small snail into releasing him so he can retrieve his powers and continue his original plans. Finn was given Billy's gauntlet to destroy the Lich but failed. However, when the Lich tried to kill Finn with fire, nothing happened to him due to him wearing a sweater made by Princess Bubblegum (who was his love at the time). Realizing his weakness, Finn managed to destroy his body using this love sweater to pull his skull off the rest of him, causing him to crumble.

In Mortal Recoil his spirit possesses the body of Princes Bubblegum in order to try again, but with the help of the Ice King he was stopped, freezed and destroyed.

During season 3 he is seen in the body of the snail that released him.

In season 4 he returns as the season's main villain in which he slowly plots his revenge by getting the Enchiridion in ''In Your Footsteps''. He kills and takes possession of Billy's body in order to use the book to get to the wishmaster Prismo to wish for the extinction of all life. Finn tries to fix this by wishing that the Lich never existed, which created an entire new timeline in which the mushroom bomb didn't go off. However, due to being in some problems with a nearby gang, Finn acidentally finds an ice crown. Which made him insane and soon caused him to make the bomb go off, only this time, the Lich uses Jake (who is a normal dog in that timeline) as a vessel. Shocked by the outcome of this wish, the original Jake alters the Lich's wish, which saved everyone in the process and accidentally trapped the undead sorcerer in the time room. (Episodes: The Lich, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog)

In season 6 he kills Prismo in order to get to the citadel in order to free the other prisoners so they would join him, but this ultimately fails once Finn throws the blood of the guardians of the citadel on him, causing his skeleton to grow fresh skin and an all new personality-Sweet P who is adopted by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig (Wake Up, Escape from the citadel). However, it is revealed in the episode Gold Stars that the Lich is still deep within Sweet P, and is only able to take control over the body in deadly situations or when he sees fire.

Later, in the episode Is That You? Finn and Jake perform a memorial ritual in order to re-create Prismo. This brings them in a series of time-bending dream sequences. In one sequence, Jake stumbles upon the event where the Lich killed Prismo, however, by the end of the episode, this doesn't matter anymore, as they succeeded in bringing Prismo back to life.

He once again returns in the season 7 episode Crossover, where, it is revealed that his Farmworld (the realm where all people wish for something from Prismo go) form, disguised in Farmworld Jake's body, is tricking a now completely insane Farmworld Finn (who has gotten the Ice King's crown, which made him insane) to collect as many gems in order to fuse them with the Enchiridion so he can crossover to the other multiverse realms. The original Finn and Jake decide to stop this by taking the book away from them, but are easily defeated. They finally open the portal to a dimension that connects all others, it is then that the lich reveals his true intentions and attempts to kill everyone and everything. However, Farmworld Finn decides to stop him by closing the portal. Angered, the lich grows huge and tries to kill them, however, thanks to the weapon Prismo gave them, Finn and Jake completely erase the Lich's spirit from Farmworld Jake, thus defeating him once again.

Later, he is seen in a flashback in the episode Elemental, where Patience St. Pim creates his image in a coffee cup to show an upcoming apocalypse. (The Mushroom War).

Video games

Lego Dimensions

In the Adventure time level pack of Year 2 in Lego Dimensions entitled A Book and a Bad Guy, he serves as the main antagonist. He reprises his as in Mortal Folly, only this time he is destroyed by Billy's Gauntlet, which Finn enlarged and then beat him up with.

Online games

The Lich is so far only seen in the offical Adventure time game Break the Worm as the final boss. Here he reprises his role as in the episode King Worm (where he was just a fear hallucination).

In Adventure Time Battle Party, he is a playable character. The Lich has many abiliies in the game such as:

  • Summoning undead skully servents to help him for 20 seconds. Any enemies Skully defeats permanently increase Lich's Power Damage by 1.
  • Leave a unholy trail to hurt his enemies. Like the undead servents, once the enemies are defeated by the trail, it will permanently increase Lich's Power Damage by 1.
  • Mind control, which consists in a ball of dark magic that causes great damage to the more close enemy, with the addition of charm the enemy.
  • Conjures which consists in The Lich creating a Well of Power that extremely damages the enemy.

It should also be noted that The Lich counts with a single strategy of battle so, you need to choice between power damage or attack damage. Attack Damage is very recommendable because it's more effective and makes The Lich strong, with the only difference that you will have high base power damage with minor scaling from your Skully/Q. The Lich is also considered the best dueler in the game due to his various abilities, however, burst is his only weakness, but there is a way to prevent it.

Comic Books

The Lich returns again as the main villain in the first 3 issues. In the first issue, it escapes the Waving Snail by journeying into The Bag of Holding , an ancient artifact capable of sucking up the entire world. The Waving Snail returns to its original form and the Lich to its skeletal form seen in "Mortal Folly." The Lich seeks revenge on Finn and Jake and the Land of Ooo by sucking people in the magical Bag of Holding, which contains mostly sand and Desert Princess, a sand-controlling fusion of various Candy People sucked into the bag on a previous occasion. The Lich's goal was to suck all of Ooo into the bag and throw it into the sun, but Finn and Jake, with the help of Desert Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline , Lumpy Space Princess and an army of Finn and Jake clones made from ice and desert sand, tear a hole in the bag and assault the Lich with physical blows and "battle burn" insults until the bag is destroyed and the Lich is hurled into the sun. The sand from the bag is later used by Desert Princess to fill in the hole in the planet made from the Mushroom War.

As stated above, this story is likely not canon to the TV series' continuity.


The Lich is a cruel and cold entity that has no other emotions than his lust for destruction and chaos. And will literally do anything in order to achieve his goal. He is skilled in manipulation and waking up people's dark side, whether or not they know that they have one. He is quite arrogant and believes that no one can match him, which is usually why he fails at his plans. However, he is also quick to learn from his mistakes.

Powers and abilities

Apart from his immortality, the Lich has a mix of unholy powers, including flames. At the beginning, it was revealed that the Lich has the power to control the minds of people (mind control), either through telepathy or by the mention of their evil spells. Later in the episode when he went to his den, he destroyed everything he touched.

On the other hand, he has the ability to possess bodies, even if these are alive or dead, as seen in "Mortal Recoil" when he survived thanks to the possession of Princess Bubblegum. Also he has the ability to fly and can kill or destroy almost everything that comes in contact with him. When The Lich crossed the Iceberg Lake, he killed all the fish in the Lake without realizing it, and when he fought with Finn, he destroyed the gauntlet of Billy turning it into powder. He is also able to practice necromancy, as seen when Finn and Jake came into his lair. While The Lich possessed Princess Bubblegum, he revealed to possess powers of pyrokinesis ability to create or control the fire with the mind.


  • Due to his role in the Mushroom war it is possible that he was once in affilitation with the Oozers
  • He has mind control powers, which is similar to some other villains Goliad and King Worm
  • He has many similarties to the Overlord
  • He is one of the most feared entities in the universe, even Death (Adventure time) fears him.
  • He was shortly mentioned in I Am a Sword after Bandit Princess steals Finn's sword, causing him to have nightmares.
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