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Shen is the main antagonist of Kung Fu Panda 2. He is a royal peacock who is responsible for the death of most of the pandas in China. He often uses a cannon to destroy whoever opposes him, but is very skilled in kung fu and is armed with blades.



Shen was a peacock born to a royal family who entertained the residents of China using fireworks. Shen, howver, was interested in using fireworks as a weapon, seeking to make a cannon that could fire a powerful cannoball at enemies. The family's soothsayer told his parents about this, saying that if he continued in this dark path he would be defeated by a creature of black and white. Unknown to any of them, Shen had overheard, but rather than rethink his ideas, instead decided to avert his fate by attacking a nearby village of pandas, killing most of them. He returned to his family full of pride, but was filled with grief when he saw the look of horror on his parents' face. They banished him from China, but Shen swore to return one day and left. His parents were filled with sadness afterwards, and died of grief.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Shen lived up to his word that he would return, as he commanded his wolf army to raid the village in search for metal to build the cannon. With the cannon ready, Shen marched into the Kung Fu Council and used the cannon to kill Master Thundering Rhino and forced Master Storming Ox and Master Croc to surrender or he would turn the cannon on the city and placed them in Gonghem prison.

Having defeated the Council, Shen took over Gongnem City and took up residence in his father's former tower, replacing his father's throne with his cannon. He then questioned the Soothsayer about his future, only to be informed that nothing had changed; he would still be defeated by a warrior of black and white. He then learned from the Boss Wolf that he had previously fought a panda. Furious that there were still pandas alive, Shen ordered Boss Wolf to bring the panda to him personally.

When Po and the Furious Five were brought before him, Shen was taken aback by Po's casual personality, and soon realized that he was unaware of Shen's role in the panda massacre. He then ordered Boss Wolf to execute Po and the Five with the cannon. However, Mantis, who had evaded capture, extinguished the fuse, and the Five managed to free themselves and destroy Shen's cannon. However, Shen escaped, but not before Po realized that Shen was there the night he lost his parents. Shen fled to the Fireworks Factory, where he revealed that he had multiple cannons, which he used to destroy the tower, though Po and the Five escaped.

Shen ordered his men to begin their conquest of China, and ordered the Soothsayer released, claiming she was of no use to him. Shortly afterwards, Po and the Furious Five confronted Shen in the factory, but Shen had anticipated their arrival. Confronted by Po, Shen claimed that his parents never loved him, stunning Po long enough for Shen to blast him with his cannon, knocking him into the river. With Po seemingly dead, Shen captured the Five and set off to conquer all of China.

As Shen and his army set sail out of the city, they were confronted once more by Po, who had survived and learned of his past. Po managed to free the Five, and, along with Master Shifu, Ox and Croc, battled Shen's fleet on the harbor. Losing patience, Shen ordered the Boss Wolf to fire his cannon, but he refused, citing that their men would be caught in the crossfire. Undeterred, Shen struck the Boss Wolf down and fired the cannon himself, blasting the kung fu masters into the city harbor.

As Shen's ships reached the city, Po stood up to face Shen's fleet alone. Shen ordered his men to fire the cannon at Po, but the panda used a technique taught to him by Shifu earlier to catch the cannonball and deflect it. Shen, agitated, ordered his men to continue firing, but Po continued to deflect the cannonballs, and soon began sending them back towards the fleet, destroying the ships. Shen promptly ordered his men to fire from their own ship, but Po caught the larger cannonball and briefly turned to into the Yin Yang symbol, stunning Shen, before sending the cannonball back to Shen's ship, destroying what remained of his armada.

Shen, who had survived, asked Po how he managed to attain inner peace. Po advised him to let go of the past, but Shen refused, and attacked Po with his knives in one final attempt to kill him. However, he cut through the ropes holding the remains of his cannon, causing the heavy weapon to fall upon him, killing him and destroying his ship. 

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