Seryu Ubiquitous
Seryu Ubiquitous

Full Name

Seryu Ubiquitous


Guardian of Justice


To purge the Empire of "evil"


Blows herself up in a last-ditch attempt to kill Mine

Justice is served!
~ Seryu Ubiquitous

Seryu Ubiquitous is a secondary antagonist in Akame ga Kill. She is a member of the Jaegers, a group of Teigu wielders led by Esdeath, and a former member of the Imperial Police. She is known for her warped and obsessive sense of justice and drive to purge the world of whatever she deems "evil". She is also the owner of the organic Teigu Koro.



Seryu was born and raised in the Imperial capital, and was raised to believe that the Empire's corrupt state was good, and any opposition towards it was evil. Following in the footsteps of her father, Seryu joined the Imperial Guard to protect and enforce the Empire's will. However, her father was killed in the line of duty fighting the assassination squad Night Raid; his death would contribute towards Seryu's hatred for the group.

Seryu trained under Captain Ogre, who became a mentor figure towards her. In an effort to becoem stronger, Seryu allowed the scientist Dr. Stylish to implant her body with an array of weapons in painful surgery. During this time, she also befriended the organic Imperial Arms Koro, forming a bond with the creature.

Akame ga Kill

After Ogre was assassinated by Night Raid member Tatsumi, Seryu became dedicated to seeking the group out and killing them to avenge his death. She briefly met Tatsumi, unaware that he was Ogre's killer, and even helped him find his way when he was lost in the downtown area of the capital. Afterwards, she resumed her search for Night Raid.

Seryu finally managed to locate two Night Raid Members, Sheele and Mine, who had been returning from one of their missions. A battled ensued, during which Seryu's arms were cut off by Sheele, only for her to reveal guns implanted in her severed arms. When these, too, proved inefficient in killing Sheele, Seryu commanded Koro to go into "Berserk" mode. In this form, Koro captured Mine and nearly killed her, forcing Sheele to return to save her. This distraction allowed Seryu to shoot Sheele in the back, wounding her and causing her to be unable to respond when Koro attacked her and tore her in half. As members of the Imperial Guard arrived to assist Seryu, a dying Sheele used a technique with her Teigu to summon a blinding flash of light, allowing Mine to escape. Following this incident, both Tatsumi and Mine bore an intense hatred against Seryu.

Seryu was later recruited by Esdeath to join her new group, the Jaegers, formed to hunt down Night Raid. When Tatsumi is abducted by Esdeath and forced to become a member of the Jaegers, Seryu recognizes him and welcomes him into the group. Tatsumi, embittered at Seryu due to her role in Sheele's death, is forced to restrain himself from visibly showing anger, lest he oust himself to the group. Later on, the Jaegers and sent to test their abilities by taking out a group of bandits. There, Seryu reveals more of her abilities when she and Koro massacre dozens of bandits.

After the death of Dr. Stylish, a grieving Seryu is comforted by Esdeath. Later on, Seryu accompanies the Jaegers on a mission to pursue Night Raid, leading to a confrontation in which Bols is killed. However, a member of Night Raid, Chelsea, is killed by Kurome; Seryu has Koro devour her body.

The Jaegers were then tasked with protecting Bolic in the Path of Peace, along with the Four Rakshasa Demons. During their stay, Seryu and Suzuka came across Tatsumi and Mine. Determined to kill the two, Seryu unleashed a powerful attack on the duo, which they narrowly survived. While Tatsumi fought Suzuka, Seryu and Koro confronted Mine. Before their battle, Seryu taunted Mine over the deaths of Sheele and Chelsea, vowing to kill her as well. A battle ensued, and Seryu eventually managed to gain the upper hand and temporarily stunned Mine. As Seryu and Koro prepared to launch a final attack, Mine unleashed the power of her "Pumpkin", which blasted Koro in half and severed Seryu in two.

In a final, desperate attempt to kill Mine, a dying Seryu detonated a bomb implanted inside her head, hoping the intense blast would kill both of them. An injured Mine desperately attempted to flee, but Seryu taunted her, stating that the blast radius would be impossible to escape. Seryu is then joined by an injured Koro, who cannot regenerate anymore. Saddened at her inevitable death, Seryu tearfully embraced Koro while stating that she wished she hadn't died before she had cleansed the would of all evil.

Ultimately, Seryu's final act proved to be a failure, as Mine was rescued by Tatsumi as the bomb detonated, leaving Seryu and Koro to perish in the explosion.


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