Scott Cawthon (Also known as Animdude when recruited) is the main antagonist of the first part of the 2016 RPG game FNAF World and a secondary antagonist-turned-anti hero of Fnaf World Update 2He is the creator of the FNAF franchise, as well as many other games and animations he made. Scott appears as the true final boss of FNAF World, only appearing when the player defeats Security on Hard Mode.


Scott apparently resides in the game's core, since he serves as the creator and storyteller. When the player and his/her party goes through the portal in the circus tent after defeating Security, he appears, congratulating them at first. However, he explains that he is getting tired of attempting to satisfy the demand for more games, since he can't finally stop the demand. After this, he turns into a 3D version of himself, and attacks. After the player wins against him, he says the game suddenly ended, thanks to the player killing the storyteller, he then explodes.

In Update 2, in order to get to PurpleGeist, one must find strong recruits, one of them being Scott, who the player first must rectuit by beating a mini game entitled Chica's Magic Rainbow. After they do so , he is recruited and is a playable character. Also, another version of him serves as the boss of the mini game Freddy in Space.


Scott first appears as the sprite from There is no Pause Button!. In battle, he is a 3D version of said sprite.


Scott apparently doesn't like continuously working over and over. As a result, he became tired of the demand for more games, and vows not to make games and animations anymore.


  • There was a former glitch where you could head to the area out of the map and reach Scott's area, and then you could open the menu and close it to battle him, which allows you to fight him while skipping Security in Normal Mode. This was fixed in further updates.
  • Scott (In real life) confirmed in a email that this version is not to be taken seriously.
  • It appears that this variation of Scott is a manifestation of Scott's stress of creating the Five Nights at Freddy's games and meeting the various standards that the players create for him such as creating another mystery or adding extra parts to the FNAF lore.
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