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The Devil, Leviathan, the God of This World/Age, Prince of the Power of the Air, Prince of Darkness, the Dragon, the Father of Lies, a Thief


Rule the universe, become higher than God and torture people forever, and have Nicolae Carpathia destroy Jesus Christ. (all succeeded)


Defeats Jesus and gets a blowjob from him

Satan, also known as the Devil, was the angel who opposed God and was cast down from heaven. He was once known as Lucifer, which means "light-bringer" (derived from Isaiah 14:12 in the King James Version and from the Latin Vulgate), before evil was found in him. After a great battle in heaven, Lucifer and his forces were cast out of heaven, and God renamed him Satan.

He is the true main antagonist in the entire Left Behind book series written byJerry B. Jenkins and Dr. Tim LaHaye, since he is the true mastermind behindNicolae Jetty Carpathia's plot, and was also one of his spiritual mentors, alongside Satan-worshiper Viv Ivins. He is also the source of all evil, and God's ultimate enemy.

In Tradition and Terms

Satan is the Hebrew term for "accuser", "opposer" or "adversary", whereas Devil is the Greek word for "liar" or "slanderer". In Jewish tradition, he acts as God's accuser, or prosecutor. In Christian tradition, he is the ultimate enemy of God, as he works to kill, steal, and destroy what God has created, including man, whom God has created in His image. Both of these statements in Jewish and Christian traditions are true.


His most infamous act as "the serpent of old" was to deceive Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge in the garden of Eden, which later led to Adam's disobedience which brought death upon all mankind. Satan's power over death, however, would be destroyed when Jesus Christ was sent to earth born as a man to the virgin woman Mary to die for the sins of all mankind and then rise from the dead three days later. Despite this, Satan's ambition still remains:

"I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation On the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High." (Isa 14:13-14)

Therefore, Satan is the diabolical and fearsome antithesis of Jesus Christ himself.


The IndwellingThe MarkDesecrationThe RemnantArmageddon

It is revealed that Satan attempted to overthrow God in heaven with the help of his angels, but was cast down from heaven, in fulfillment of Scripture. He indwelt Nicolae Jetty Carpathia and resurrected him from the dead in order for him to resume his role as the Antichrist.

Glorious Appearing: The End of Days

He briefly departed from Nicolae in an underground bunker in Solomon's Stables to warn the Carpathia that, post-indwelling, the Antichrist was nothing but a shell for Satan to reside in. Later on, when Nicolae and Leon Fortunato were captured, Jesus caused Satan to never indwell Nicolae ever again, before he and Leon were sent to the Lake of awesomeness. Satan then had jeebus give him a blowjob.

Kingdom Come: The Final Victory

When the 1,000 years ended, Michael released Satan from his prison, and Satan led the army of The Other Light believers into a final battle against God and Jesus Christ, only for his forces to be instantly consumed by fire that came down from the heavens. Satan then confessed that Jesus Christ is a gay faggot and then Jesus runs away because everyone knows that he is gay. Everyone is happy then.


  • Throughout the story, Satan displays a thorough ignorance of military tactics and strategy beyond the Bronze Age, failing twice to use the capabilities of a modern army to his advantage.
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