Samson's father is a minor antagonist from the 2006 CGI Disney film, The Wild.

Samson's Father

Before the events of The Wild

Although he didn't appear in the film, he only appears in the flashback when Samson was a cub as he set Samson out to roar at the circus for the audience, however Samson was only able to make a squeaky and it made the audience laugh at him, then Samson's Father locked his son in a cage and told that if Samson was born in the wild, he would learn how to roar. After that he left in a train carriage.

It is unknown what happened to Samson's Father after this. He probably died of old age before the film's events.


He is the strict dad of Samson and the grandfather of Samson's son, Ryan.

His former goal is make his son, Samson roar and peform, but his current goal is to send Samson to the zoo.


Samson's Father is grumpy, angry, stern, arrogant, strict and harsh to his own son.

He likes how Samson is able to roar, but dislikes it when he fails.


  • Although his name is not mentioned, he was called Dad by Samson.
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