Queen of Hearts

Full Name

The Queen of Hearts


Your Majesty


Behead Alice


Chases Alice until she wakes up from the dream

The Queen of Hearts is the main antagonist of Alice in Wonderland, although she doesn't actually appear until very late in the film. She is voiced by Verna Felton.


Alice in Wonderland

The Queen and her husband the King of Hearts has come and everyone cheers when she arrives and bow to her. The first thing the Queen notices is that the roses are white and have been painted red. Enraged, she has the cards who painted the roses beheaded. Alice tries to get the Queen to reconsider their execution, but the Queen refuses and she instead makes Alice play a game of croquet. The cards make the Queen win, but the game is ruined when the Cheshire Cat plays a prank on her and reveals her underwear. The Cheshire Cat disappears before the Queen can see him, so she blames Alice for it and calls for her execution, but the King calls for a fair trial. The Queen calls witesses, but none saw Alice do it. The Queen nearly forgets about killing Alice when she recieves a present, but the Cheshire Cat once again spoils it and The Queen gets jam with the face and gets hit with a mallet. She once again blames Alice but she eats the mushrooms and grows taller. She calls the Queen out on how bad-tempered she is, but she shrinks down to normal size and the Cheshire Cat repeats what she said, provoking the Queen into calling for Alice's execution, but it is revealed to be Alice's dream and she wakes up.

House of Mouse

The Queen of Hearts frequently appears as guest in Mickey Mouse's House of Mouse.  While usually only appearing in cameos, he sometimes has more prominent roles. Pete uses her as a hiding place in The Stolen Cartoons.

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