Prime Minister Honest
Prime Minister Honest

Full Name



Prime Minister Honest, the Prime Minister


To remain in control over the Empire and crush the Revolutionary Army


Captured by the Revolutionary Army and tortured to death by the vengeful populace

Prime Minister Honest is the primary antagonist in Akame ga Kill. He is the prime minister of the Empire and the de-factor ruler of the nation, manipulating the child emperor and spreading corruption throughout the Empire. He is also the father of Syura.



Little is known about Honest's past life, other than that at some point, he fathered a child, whom he named Syura. At some point, Honest managed to rise in political status, eventually taking the role of prime minister from Chouri, the previous prime minister. To secure power over the Empire, Honest assassinated the Emperor and his wife, leaving their young son as the sole heir to the throne. Honest then began influencing the inexperienced young ruler, managing to run the Empire from the shadows.

Under the rulership of the naive Emperor and corrupt Prime Minister, the Empire quickly fell into ruin. The populace became stricken with poverty, while the wealthy and corrupt nobles started abusing those of lower status. This tyranny eventually led to the creation of the Revolutionary Army, which strove to eliminate the corruption in the Empire. In retaliation, Honest dispatched General Esdeath to quell the rebellion.

Akame ga Kill

After a series of assassinations performed by the Revolutionary Army's splinter group, Night Raid, the furious Honest ordered Esdeath to return to the capital to stop the assassination squad. Esdeath formed her own team, the Jaegers, in order to hunt down Night Raid and protect the Empire from other threats.

After the Jaeger's numbers began to drop after a series of encounters with Night Raid, Honest supplied his son, Syura, with a group of murderous Teigu wielders known as the Wild Hunt in order to fill in for the Jaegers. However, Syura and the Wild Hunt instead used their authority to bully and terrorize the populace, which eventually led to conflict between them and the Jaegers. Ultimately, Honest was forced to disband the group at Esdeath's request. Shortly afterwards, Syura, desperate to regain his father's approval, attempted to interrogate a captured Night Raid member, Lubbock, only to be killed when Lubbock tricked him into lowering his guard and snapped his neck. Though initially heartbroken at his son's death, Honest quickly got over it.

When the Revolutionary Army arrived at the capital for the final battle, Honest sent out the Emperor to fight by wielding the 'Ultimate Teigu': Shikoutazer, the very first Imperial Arms. Honest watched the battle unfold from the safety of the castle balcony, gloating as the Revolutionary Army was massacred by Honest's forces. In the midst of the battle, Honest was confronted by Night Raid assassin Leone. However, Honest revealed himself to be a formidable foe, as well as a Teigu user. Honest used his Teigu to destroy Leone's Lionelle, reverting her back to her normal state, before shooting her and hurling her from the balcony, seemingly killing her.

After the Emperor and Esdeath were defeated, Honest, realizing that his Empire had fallen, attempted to flee in secret. Before he could escape, however, he was captured by Leone, who revealed that she had merged with her Teigu. Overpowering Honest, Leone dragged him towards the balcony and threw him off, causing him to fall several floors to the ground. Alive, but injured, Honest was then captured by the Revolutionary Army. As punishment for his crimes, Honest was subjected to a torturous demise as numerous rebels took turns mutilating him until his death.


Honest is cruel, selfish, manipulative, and sadistic by nature. He is cold and unempathetic to the sufferings of the populace under his rule, and only seeks to extend the corruption throughout the Empire. Despite this, he is also adept at manipulating the naive Emperor, fooling him into believing that what he is doing is for the good of the Empire. He is very gluttonous, often gorging himself with food whenever he appears. He is also revealed to be cannibalistic, as shown when he attempted to eat an injured Leone.


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