Pong Krell

Full Name

Pong Krell


General Krell


Drive the Rpublic from Umbara so he can become Count Dooku's apprentice


Shot and killed by Dogma

I will not be undermined by creatures bred in some laboratory!
~ Pong Krell

General Pong Krell is a Besalisk Jedi general who is an antagonist of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He is the main antagonist of the Umbara arc, where he secretly sabotages the Republic forces he is leading during the Battle on the planet Umbara.

He was voiced by Dave Fennoy.


A Jedi Master and and general of the Grand Army of the Republic, Pong Krell took part in the Clone Wars to defend the Republic. He soon established a reputation as a successful military strategist in the army, though he also held the record of the highest clone casualties of any Jedi officer. At some point during the war, Krell became disillusioned with the Jedi Order and became seduced by the Dark side of the Force. After he foresaw the destruction of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Empire, Krell renounced his allegiance to the Jedi and secretly plotted to gain a position of power in the New Order.

During the Battle of Umbara, Krell was dispatched to the planet to aid the Republic forces in retaking the world. Taking command over the 501st Legion in place of Anakin Skywalker, Krell soon proved to be a disastrous commander, with his strategies leading to numerous clone deaths. His actions brought him at odds with the clones' commander, Captain Rex, with many of the clones beginning to doubt Krell's leadership.

After the legion managed to take over an airbase, they learned of a Confederate supply ship orbitting above Umbara. Against Krell's instructions, three clones, Jesse, Hardcase, and Fives, boarded Separatist starfighters and destroyed the supply ship. After only Jesse and Fives returned, an enraged Krell demanded they be court-martialled for their insubordination. However, to make an example of the two clones, Krell instead ordered them to be executed instead. However, the firing squad refused to carry out the command, leaving Krell furious.

Krell proceeded to order the clones to hunt down Umbarans disguised as clones, leading to a deadly shoot-out within the dark forests. However, Krell's betrayal was exposed when Rex discovered that the men they were fighting were from Kenobi's clone unit, who had also received orders from Krell to hunt down disguised Umbarans. Now aware of Krell's treachery, the clones banded together and attempted to arrest him. However, the former Jedi refused to be taken into custody, escaping into the forest and battling the clones that followed him. Though he managed to kill scores of clones, Krell was ultimately knocked unconscious and returned to the airbase, where he was imprisoned.

While imprisoned, Krell confessed to the clones that he had secretly been working with the Separatists in order to become Count Dooku's apprentice. He also revealed that the Jedi Order would fall and be replaced with a New Order. With this knowledge, Rex agreed to execute Krell, but found himslef unable to carry out the execution. Krell mocked Rex's conflict, but was unexpectedly shot and killed by Dogma, his most loyal soldier. 

After his death, the Republic managed to win the war on Umbara. 


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