Ninja Bears
Master Naughty

Full Name

Ninja Bears


Kung-Furry fighters


Get rewarded by Chubby


Gets killed by Naughty

Ninja Bears are villains in the Naughty Bear games. They are, as their name suggests, bears skilled in kung fu. All of them have gray fur and wear masks to cover their faces. They are all armed with ninja-toes. They are led by Master Miyagi.


Despite being trained in the arts of Kung-fu, the Ninja Bears are actually rather cowardly. It usually only takes a few hits to drive them away. When they are not alerted to Naughty Bear's presence, they will sprint across the area, ninja-to in paw. When they are alerted to Naughty's presence, they will dash quickly either to Naughty or from him. Their attack consists of approaching an enemy quickly and stabbing them with the ninja-to before pausing. They are one of the few bears that can find Naughty Bear in the woods. They have a rivalry with the Pirate Bears, and will attack them on sight. This means when Naughty disguises himself as a pirate, the Ninjas will attack him whether they know it is Naughty or not. The Ninjas appear to be more powerful than the pirates due to their quick attacks and can overpower them.


Episode 2

The Ninja Bears were hired by Chubby to guard him as he ran for mayor, promising the bears to kill Naughty Bear. Naughty Bear decided to kill Chubby and snuck into the disco, and was able to kill off the Ninjas, and Chubby was no match for Naughty's wrath, and was killed.


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