Nightmarionne (otherwise Nightmare Puppet) is the nightmare counterpart of the The Puppet and is the main antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition. It is one of the few new Nightmare animatronics alongside Nightmare Balloon Boy and Nightmare Mangle. It is a nightmarish version of The Puppet. Nightmarionne replaces Nightmare in the Halloween Edition, and thus shares the same role and behavior.


Nightmarionne generally appears to bear many resemblances to The Puppet. The most significant changes are it sporting a large smile full of sharp-looking teeth, unlike the other nightmare animatronics, as well as also being much darker in color to the point of being colorless and sporting longer, even lankier limbs and torso, the latter sporting a set of protruding ribs. Its fingers also seem to be longer and thinner.


Nightmarionne behaves exactly like Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare and can attack from the Bed, Closet, Left Hall, and Right Hall.

Nightmarionne is also notably slightly more aggressive than Nightmare, and can strike each 2 seconds on rare occasions. One can hear the Music Box instead of footsteps that Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare produce. Like Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare, Nightmarionne can laugh indicating he is either in the closet or on the bed. Note that if you hear footsteps alongside the laugh, Nightmarionne isn't in either said places.

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