Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Freddy is the titular secondary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is the nightmare form of Freddy Fazbear. He also represents one of the Big Brother's friends.


Unlike his previous appearances, Nightmare Freddy seems completely damaged and more vicious looking. He has a set of sharp teeth and his fingers end with sharp claws. Three small Freddies with sharp teeth are on Nightmare Freddy's chest.


Freddy's minions, officially called Freddles, begin appearing on the child's bed. The child must prevent the Freddles from staying on the bed by flashing the light at them, or they summon Nightmare Freddy, who jumps out from under the bed, and kills the child.


  • The Freddles, though menacing, do not even attack the child, only serving to summon him.
  • Jumping out from under the bed is a reference to the legend of monsters underneath children's beds.
  • He was thought to be the main antagonist of the game, but this was later proved to be false. He is merely a plot set to hide the true main villain.
  • The name "Freddles" started out as a fan nickname, but was revealed to be canon in the FNaF World trailer, as one of Nightmare Freddy's attacks.
  • Nightmare Freddy's design might be similar to Freddy Krueger, due to a signiture hat, extreme physical damage, and hand claws.
  • He resembles Freddy Krueger.
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