Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Foxy is one of the secondary antagonists in in the final installment to the Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

Role in the game

Nightmare Foxy will commonly become active Night 2 onwards, although he may rarely become active on Night 1. He hides in the closet and will slowly reveal himself. Much like other games, neglecting to check on Nightmare Foxy will result in a gameover. Going to the closet view, Foxy will either appear as a head or his complete body. If Nightmare Foxy is about to attack the player, he will chomp his jaws up and down and scream. The only way to prevent his attack is the close the closet door. If successful, he will turn back into a foxy plush. Also, on any of the nights, if you click the Freddy plush on your bed 20+ times Nightmare Foxy will come out to kill you.

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