Nightmare Chica

Nightmare Chica is one of the secondary antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. It is the nightmare form of Chica the Chicken. She also represents one of the Big Brother's friends.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Nightmare Chica's role parallels that of Nightmare Bonnie, coming from the East Hall of the house. Unlike Bonnie, however, when the child's back is turned, she sends another animatronic, Nightmare Cupcake, to do her dirty work. The cause is currently unknown, but it appears the Cupcake may be sentient. She is the slower out of her and Bonnie, and tends to wander into the kitchen, banging around dishes for unknown reasons. The child has to hold the right door shut to prevent her from getting in. If the child flashes the light at her when she is standing right outside the door, she will attack him, and if he turns his back on the door to look at the bed, Chica will have the Nightmare Cupcake enter the room and attack. The only way to tell she is at the door is to listen for her breathing. Holding the door will cause her to walk away, being unable to enter.


  • The text "Nightmare" can be seen behind Nightmare Chica by brightening up the original image.
  • Nightmare Chica is the fourth incarnation of Chica, the others being Withered Chica, Toy Chica and Phantom Chica.
  • Nightmare Chica was the third Nightmare animatronics revealed in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the previous ones being Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Freddy.
  • She has the most rows of teeth out of all of the nightmare animatronics, bearing three rows.
  • Nightmare Fredbear's teeth are shaped extremely similarly to her, and is also the same color as her.
  • In the Halloween update, she is replaced by Jack-O-Chica, similairly how Nightmare Bonnie is replaced by Jack-O-Bonnie.
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