Nico Yazawa

Full Name

Nico Yazawa




To stop μ’s from being successful school idols (formerly)
Win the Love Live! competition (succeeded)


Redeems herself and becomes a member of μ’s


Bullying, Minor Theft, Harassment, Stalking

Now listen up, you! You better disband your club immediately!
~ Nico to Kotori and Honoka

Nico Yazawa is one of the 9 main characters of Love Live! School Idol Project. In the first 5 episodes of the first season, she serves as an antagonist, actively trying to prevent μ’s from succeeding in being school idols. She initially writes a comment online saying μ’s weren't good enough to be school idols. In the 5th episode, she grabs Honoka's leg in a successful attempt to trip her. Nico then flicks Honoka's forehead with enough force to incapacitate the latter. She then tells Honoka and her friend Kotori to disband their group. Later in the same episode, she steals Honoka's French fries, and upon being caught, taunts Honoka by opening her mouth to show that she swallowed them. Eventually, she redeems herself and joins as a member of μ’s. Although she is never shown apologizing for the trouble she put the others through, they accept it.

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