Naughty Bear

Full Name

Naughty Bear


Naughty, The Menace That is Naughty Bear


Take revenge on the bears that bullied him


Kill his enemies

Naughty Bear is the main character in the video-game of the same name. He is a brown teddy bear living on the island known as Perfection Island. Ironically, the island is no where near perfect, with Zombears, Vampire Bears and the residents being exceptionally cruel to Naughty Bear. After facing years of bullying from the other bears, Naughty snaps and goes on a rampage.


Episode 1

Naughty Bear hasn't been invited to Daddles' birthday party, and decides to make amends for his pranks and has made a present for Daddles. He dosn't even get to the party when two bears, Chubby and Giggles, laugh at his present and drive him back home. Sad and hurt, Naughty Bear decides to take revenge on the other bears and goes on a rampage, killing off the bears and targetting Daddles specifically. After hearing of his rampage, Daddles arms himself with a baseball bat. This does not save him from Naughty's wrath, and he is killed.

Episode 2

Naughty Bear is minding his own business when he finds out there is going to be an election for mayor. One bear, Chubby, hands out flyers that say he will kill Naughty if he gets elected for mayor. Because of this, the other bears support Chubby. Naughty is displeased and decides to kill Chubby. This gets complicated when Chubby hires Ninja Bears to aid him. Naughty Bear acts carefully and is able to assassinate Chubby without getting killed.

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