Vampire Cat 2

Full Name

Mr. Whiskers


Vampire Cat, Kitty


Kill Sparky


Impaled and crushed to death

Mr. Whiskers is the true main antagonist of the 2012 stop-motion black-and-white film, Frankenweenie. He was the furry white pet cat of Weird Girl who supposedly was a psychic that would dream of someone before something happened to them. Eventually Mr. Whiskers went through a science experiment that transformed him into what he really was: the Vampire Cat.


Mr. Whiskers was first seen with Weird Girl, both of them staring at Victor Frankenstein. Weird Girl had a conversation with Victor, saying that Mr. Whiskers had a dream of him. She explained that last night he dreamed of Bob and he fell in a man hole, and later dreamed about Toshiaki the day he won a baseball game, and dreamed of Nassor the day he was hit in the face by a baseball and knocked out. She told Victor that if Mr. Whiskers dreamed of him, something big was going to happen. Whiskers then meowed at Victor, who left. Weird Girl then asked Mr. Whiskers if he would dream of her. Mr. Whiskers did not reply.

As it turned out, something big did happen to Victor Frankenstein: his dog Sparky was hit by a car and died. Filled with grief, Victor decided to ressurrect Sparky by using a science experiment. After an initial failure, Victor was finally able to bring his dead dog back to life. Unfortunately, Sparky saw Mr. Whiskers roaming the lawn and instinctively chased aftet him. During the chase, Mr. Whiskers knocked down Mr. Burgermeister's plastic flamingos. Eventually, Mr. Whiskers escaped by jumping onto the roof of a house.

Edgar "E" Gore, the first child to know about Victor's dog Sparky, told the other children for fear of getting beat up. After Victor left to search for Sparky, who had run away, Edgar, Toshiaki, Nassor, Bob, and Weird Girl, holding Mr. Whiskers, all snuck into his house. They searched the attic, and all left to experiment on their own dead animals. Weird Girl told Mr. Whiskers to find a dead animal, and he came back with a dead bat. She tried to resurrect it from the dead, but Mr. Whiskers bit the bat during the experiment and was electrocuted, destroying the room. When Weird Girl approached Mr. Whiskers, he suddenly transformed. He became skinnier, he grew fangs, his legs extended, his fur turned black, and he sprouted wings. Now the Vampire Cat, he flew around Weird Girl and took off out the window and into the sky.

During this time, the other resurrected animals had mutated as well and gone insane, and were going on a rampage. The Vampire Cat flew around the sky to attack those he saw. He arrived at a circus and saw the Were-Rat and the Turtle Monster defeated. Deciding to make a move, he swooped down and grabbed Elsa Van Helsing's dog, Persephone. Elsa ran after the two while Weird Girl watched her beloved cat leave her, and she spoke his name once more.

The Vampire Cat brought Persephone to a windmill and Elsa followed to save her dog. The Vampire Cat knew she was there and stalked her, eventually knocking her off the edge of the windmill, and she hung onto the edge. Victor followed as well, but was tackled by the Vampire Cat. At that moment, Sparky, who had led an angry mob to the windmill, protected his owner and chased after the monster. After Elsa was rescued, the Vampire Cat turned his attention on Victor, and tackled him again, and they both tumbled deeper into the windmill, which had been accidentally set on fire by Burgermeister. Both Victor and the Vampire Cat were unconscious, and Sparky found them and dragged Victor to safety. Waking up, the Vampire Cat captured Sparky and dragged him back into the burning windmill and after a brief fight, cornered him. As the Vampire Cat flew closer to Sparky, hissing, he didn't notice a stake fall from above him. As the Vampire was about to attack, the stake impaled him through the back and sprouted from his chest. The cat screeched in pain and hung his head, dead, as the burning windmill collapsed on both him and Sparky.



  • Mr. Whiskers had some similarities with Mr. Tinkles and Snowbell.
  • In disguise, he was a white persian cat, but when in his true form, he was dark brown, had sharp fangs and big, scary eyes.
  • He tricked everyone else into thinking he was good, but revealed that he was evil when mutated with a dead bat.
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