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Gets crushed by a boulder and sets his spirit free

Mor'du is the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney film Brave. He was a giant, powerful and monstrous 15-foot tall black bear.


In a far away land, there was a flourishing kingdom. The King was equaled by the love of his people. The King had four sons: the youngest was wise, the third, was compassionate, and the second was just, and the eldest son was strong, but, he mistook great strength for character. On Autumn, the King grew ill, and on his death bed, he would not give the four sons a crown, unless if they divide the rule. The eldest prince felt disgraced. Believing that he alone shall be the soul heir. A seed of selfishness grew in him, like a posion! To his brothers, he declared his claim and demanding their obedience. Shattering the bonds of their brotherhood. Words turned to war: brother fought brother. The Prince commanded a powerful army but, the battle remains lost. The Prince was wondering around the stone circles and saw wisp. The Wisps led the Prince into a hut of an old Crone. The Prince demanded a spell to give him the strenght of Ten Men. The Prince could  accept that, or heal the family bonds he had broken. Baiting his brothers with a false truce and stood in front of them and drank the spell. Somehow the spell took effect giving him strenght ten fold but, to his surprise in a form of a great black Bear! If he would choose to mend the bond torn by pride. Instead, he accepted the shape of a monster, and defeated his brothers. The Prince waited for his army to command but, they only saw a beast. The Prince slew a great army and the kingdom collasped into darkeness and is now the great black Mor'du. Fell across his domain. He lives in a tormented shell.

Role in the Film

Mor'du and Fergus copie

Mor'du attacks the camp

Mor'du was first seen near the beginning, watching a young Merida retrieving a bow she shot into the forest. The Will O' the Wisps are able to lead her out of the forst, but Mor'du follows her to the camp and reveals himself. Queen Elinor takes Merida to safety while King Fergus and the guards attack Mor'du. The bear hits Fergus' spear and breaks it, but Fergus takes out his sword to face the bear. As Elinor and Merida ride away on a horse, Fergus urges Mor'du to attack, and he lunges at Fergus, destroys the sword, and bites off his leg, and left into the forest. No one saw Mor'du since, but Fergus fought and trained for the day Mor'du returned.

After many years, Merida had become a teenager, and made a deal with the same witch that cursed Mor'du so that she could change her mother's decision to make her marry one of the three princes. This caused Elinor to be transformed into a bear like Mor'du, and Will O' the Wisps led the two into the ruins of the ancient castle. Merida fell in and stumbled onto a portrait of the four brothers, including Mor'du, and found it split like the tapestry of her family. She came to the realization that Mor'du was the prince, and at that moment, Mor'du raised himself above Merida and gave out a growl of fury. Both Elinor and Mor'du roared at each other until Merida struck Mor'du in the throat with two arrows. Mor'du charged at Merida and she climbed up the ruins of the castle to get to the opening. Mor'du lunged at her but she was pulled out by Elinor. Mor'du burst out of the ruins but Elinor pushed a giant rock down on Mor'du, and he was covered in rocks, allowing Merida and Elinor to escape.


Mor'du fighting Elinor

Mor'du escaped and wandered around in the forest to find prey. He saw Merida and her baby brothers, who had also turned into bears, riding on their horse, and hid behind a tree. Watching them ride away, Mor'du follows close behind. Merida saves Elinor from getting killed by Fergus, who believed she was Mor'du, when the demon bear thundered onto the warriors and bellowed out a challenge. The lords and their warriors charged, but were knocked aside effortlessly. Fergus punched Mor'du in the jaw and challenged him to a fight, but was quickly knocked down and thrown into a pillar. As Mor'du gave a roar of victory, Merida shot him in the throat with two arrows, but they did little damage and he pinned her to the ground. He opened his mouth and tried to devour her, but Elinor, seeing her daughter in danger, escaped from her bonds and charged at Mor'du. She tackled him, and he knocked her off him and turned his attention to Merida once more, but was challenged by Elinor. The two bears brawled with each other, and both sustained injuries. Mor'du was able to gain the upper hand and threw Elinor into a pillar, but she dragged him back and started to slam him up against the pillar repeatedly until it broke and toppled down on the demon bear, killing him. As everyone watched, the spirit of the prince rose from his dead body and nodded in thanks, and turned into a wisp and disappeared.


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