Monster X
Kaiju Guide Monster X

Full Name

Monster X


Keizer Ghidorah


To destroy Godzilla


Gets obliterated by Godzilla's red spiral ray

Monster X, also known as Keizer Ghidorah, is a major antagonist in Godzilla: Finals Wars. He is a massive extraterrestrial Ghidorah allied with the Xiliens.


Monster X was summoned by the Xiliens through the Gorath asteroid, which was destroyed by Godzilla, obliterating Tokyo in the process. Monster X soared down to face Godzilla in the ruins of the city, and the two monsters battled each other. Monster X was then assisted by a modified Gigan, and the two overpowered Gigan. Monster X held Godzilla still while Gigan proceeded to torture Godzilla by slicing his flesh. Mothra joined the battle, and both she and Gigan were incapacitated, leaving only Godzilla and Monster X. The two continued their battle, and Godzilla destroyed the Xilien Mothership with his atomic breath.

After the Xiliens were destroyed, Monster X unveiled his second form, Keizer Ghidorah. In this new form, he easily overpowered Godzilla, proceeding to beat his fallen opponent. Eventually, Keizer Ghidorah began to drain Godzilla of energy. When the crew of the Gotengo saw Keizer Ghidorah gain the upper hand, Shinichi Ozaki used the Maser Cannon to allow Godzilla to regain some energy. This allowed Godzilla to gain the upper hand against his opponent, destroying two of Keizer Ghidorah's heads. He then threw the maimed Keizer Ghidorah into the air and blasted him with his red spiral ray, destroying him.


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