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Mongul the Elder, Lord of Warworld


To conquer the universe



Happy birthday, Kryptonian. I give you oblivion.
~ Mongul

Mongul is a major antagonist in the Superman comics and one of Superman's most powerful foes. He is the ruler of the planet Warworld and the conqueror of numerous planets across the galaxy. He often forces his subjects to fight in gladiator battles for his amusement. He is the father of Mongul II and Mongal.


Bronze Age

Mongul was once the dictator of his homeworld before he was overthrown by his subjects and banished into outer space. In his debut appearance, Mongul abducted Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Steve Lombard in order to blackmail Superman into giving him the keys to activate the artificial planet Warworld. Once he has the keys in his possession, Mongul activates Warworld and uses it to try and kill Superman, along with Supergirl. However, being psychically linked to the device rendered Mongul unconscious, allowing the heroes to destroy Warworld. Mongul, however, managed to escape.

Mongul later invaded Throneworld, the home planet of Prince Gavyn, and attempted to take over the planet. During his invasion, Mongul killed Gavyn's sister and tried to force his lover to marry him in order to usurp the throne. Once he was in power, Mongul used the threat of Throneworld's planet-destroying weapon to force the nearby planets to surrender. Upon being beaten by Superman and Prince Gavyn, Mongul stole a Sun-Eater and unleashed it onto Earth's atmosphere, seeking to wipe out the human race as an act of vengeance. However, Superman, with help from the Justice League, defeated Mongul once more and destroyed the Sun-Eater.

Mongul later returned to exact vengeance upon Superman on his birthday, ensnaring him with the Black Mercy, an alien plant that traps it's victim in a fantasy world. With Superman incapable of fighting back, Mongul battled Wonder Woman while Batman and Robin attempted to free Superman from the Black Mercy. In the end, Robin managed to ensnare Mongul with the Black Mercy, submerging the alien tyrant in his own fantasy where he is the ruler of the universe.

New Age

In the new continuity, Mongul the Elder was the ruler of the planet Warworld, a galactic empire where life forms across the universe are abducted and forced to fight in gladiatoral games for the citizens' amusement. Mongul captures Superman and pits him against Draaga, one of Warworld's finest warriors. When Superman refuses to kill Draaga, Mongul attempts to kill him, but the Cleric manages to save Superman. Superman later joins forces with Draaga and lead a revolt against Mongul, overthrowing the tyrant and banishing him into outer space.

Conquering another planet, Mongul was met by the Cyborg Superman, who offered the space tyrant a chance for vengeance against Superman. When Mongul turned down the offer, the Cyborg forced him into compliance. The two then led an assault on Earth, destroying Coast City, Hal Jordan's, home. Mongul feigns loyalty to Cyborg Superman as the two begin construction to build Engine City, but in truth is plotting to betray him. After a failed missile attack on Metropolis, Mongul orders his minions to fire up Engine City, planning to obliterate the Earth. However, the Justice League put a stop to his plan, and both Mongul and Cyborg Superman are defeated.

Imprisoned for his crimes, Mongul later breaks out during a prison riot and seeks out Green Lantern for revenge, only to be defeated by another Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, and re-imprisoned.

Mongul later breaks out of prison once more, massacring everyone else in the prison. Arriving at another planet, Mongul promptly takes over, but the planet's inhabitants choose to die off from a virus rather than live under his tyranny. He was later defeated by the Flash and imprisoned in the Slab, a prison for super villains.

Mongul was later met by the Demon Lord Neron, who offered him enhanced power in exchange for his soul. Mongul refused and attacked the demon, and was subsequently killed, his soul stolen by the demon.

Powers and abilities

Mongul possesses superhuman strength and durability, more than comparable to that of Superman himself. In hand-to-hand combat, Mongul proved to be a superior combatant than the Man of Steel. In addition to his physical capabilities, Mongul demonstrated teleportation abilities, telepathy and telekinesis. Mongul also possessed superhuman stamina, speed, agility and energy projection. He also contained a chest cannon that could inflict heavy damage on Superman himself.

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