Miss Trunchbull is the main antagonist in the 1996 movie Matilda. She is known for abusing children, like Matilda, and accusing people of things they never did. She also threatens people as well. Matiilda used her telekinesis powers to attack Miss Trunchbull (like a chalk board prank and spinning her on a globe) before kids eventually kicked her out of the school by throwing food at her, and Miss Honey took over her spot and house.

Evil things she did

Miss Trunchbull did numerous things that are considered abusive and evil, such as:

  • Abused a young Miss Honey and killed her father Magnus
  • Made Bruce Bogtrotter eat a large chocolate cake
  • Threw a kid out of the window after the kid ate food in class, and also threw another one for no reason before Matilda eventually used her telekinesis to send the kid crashing into Miss Trunchbull
  • Said gibberish language to Matilda's abusive father after she got a broken car from him.
  • Sent Matilda and several other kids to the chokey
  • Kicked a black cat the way a kicker would kick the football
  • Called kids gross and insulting names
  • Abused Matilda
  • Charged like a bull and tried to tackle Lavander like a linebacker after landing unconsious before Matilda used her telekinesis to send Lavander up and Miss Trunchbull to damage the doorway
  • Disagreed with Miss Honey about moving Matilda to a higher class
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