Mike Teavee
Mike teav


Playing video games.


Win a golden ticket to a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory (succeeded).
Win the chocolate factory (failed).


Goes home with his father after when he got stretched in the Taffy Puller.

Back off, you little freaks!
~ Mike meeting the Oompa Loompas in a deleted scene of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Mike Teavee is the main antagonist of the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is Charlie's arch-nemesis and a boy who wants to shut down the choclate factory due to his hate for Wonka. He is the secondary antagonist in the 1971 adaptation Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Role In The 2005 Film

He starts up playing violent video games, thinking only about killing the enemy and hoping them to die, but as soon as he gets the ticket he starts hating Wonka before seeing him. He is later seen violently kicking a pumpkin full of jam, as he declares to his father he enjoys it. When he starts trying to hurt Wonka's feelings, Wonka said he must not mumble so he can be heard properly. When he starts trying to hurt Wonka's feelings again by saying he was once a shorty, Wonka almost ignored and said that he never forgot to put a tall hat on top of his head. Later, he is seen trying to humiliate Wonka by asking him why he makes gum if he hates it. Wonka tells him to stop mumbling again. Later he is seen declaring that the playless target shooting in the factory is a waste of time, what finally makes Wonka sad. Near the end, his final scene is in the TV room where he does his most villainous actions when he tries to convert himself into the TV in order to prove the whole world on TV that he is genious and Wonka is an absolute idiot, what might make the factory close down again and forever. Wonka tells him not to push the button, but he did in the attempt to humiliate Wonka. When he goes up, he waves Wonka goodbye meaning his factory will be doomed. But after that, the oompa loompas where on TV, humiliating him instead, and declaring that his brain is vicious and empty. Later, when the four kids leave the factory with their parents, He comes out looking like an enderman and spooking off everyone else. 

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