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Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, the Prince of Lies


To trap as many human spirits in his realm as possible, to expand his rule beyond his realm


Usually defeated

Many are the good men who can resist murder, theft, and cruelty. But a touch of greed? A bit of laziness? These are the seeds of the ruination that can bring down the best of men!
~ Mephisto

Mephisto is a major antagonist in the Marvel universe. He is a powerful extra-dimensional demon lord who rules over a fiery dimension. He exploits humanity's belief in the Devil in order to masquerade as Satan himself, but he has been known to go by other demon names as well.


Mephisto first made his debut as an enemy of the Silver Surfer, having made numerous attempts to corrupt the extraterrestrial superhero. Among his attempts to claim the Surfer's soul was kidnapping his first love, Shalla-Bal, and dragging her to his hellish dimension. However, Surfer managed to follow Mephisto to his realm, shocking the demon lord, who attempted to tempt the Surfer with riches and women. When these attempts failed, Mephisto attempted to absorb the Surfer into his mind, but instead found that the Surfer's purity influenced his mind. Admitting defeating, Mephisto released the Surfer and Shalla-Bal.

This wouldn't be their last encounter, however, as Mephisto later transformed the spirit of Joost van Straaten into a powerful entity and sending him off to battle the Surfer. When the Ghost renounced his allegiance to Mephisto, the enraged demon tried to banish him back to limbo, causing the Surfer to shed a tear out of empathy. However, this broke the Ghost's curse, freeing him from Mephisto's control and allowing him to pass on to the afterlife.

Mephisto later kidnapped Shalla-Bal again and told the Surfer that he would release her if he destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Mephisto places Shalla-Bal at S.H.I.E.L.D. in the hopes that the Surfer would mistakenly kill her as well. However, when the Surfer refused to harm anyone, Mephisto sent her back to Zenn-La.

Mephisto has also fought with other characters. At one point, he became interested in Thanos's Gems of Infinity, and offered to be the titan's servant. Upon being refused, Mephisto attempted to steal the gems, but failed. He has also fought against the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four.

Mephisto is also tied to the backstories of the Ghost Rider, having cursed the Kale family so that their firstborn son would become a Ghost Rider. When Naomi Kale offered her soul to the demon in exchange for her family's protection from this curse, Mephisto agreed to the deal. However, when she signed the contract, the demon revealed that while her descendents wouldn't become "the" Ghost Rider, they could still became "a" Ghost Rider. Her son, Johnny Blaze, would eventually be turned into the Ghost Rider by Mephisto, and has become one of his major enemies.

Mephisto also struck a deal with a sorceress named Cynthia von Doom, the mother of Doctor Doom. Cynthia offered Mephisto her soul in exchange for power, which she would use to enact vengeance upon the Baron and his men, who had been oppressing her village. However, the magic that she had acquired also killed every child in the village, just as Mephisto had planned. A regretful Cynthia died soon afterwards, and her soul was claimd by Mephisto. Her son, Victor von Doom, became determined to save his mother's soul, and made numerous attempts to get her sosul out of Mephisto's realm. Eventually, with help from Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom succeeded in sending his mother's soul to heaven.

Powers and abilities

Mephisto possesses vast supernatural and demonic powers and abilities. Among his abilities include superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. His unique physiology also enable him to regenerate from almost any form of imjury. He can aso shape-shift into different forms at will.

Physical appearance

Mephisto's appearance has varied between his many appearances. His most consistent appearance portrays him as being humanoid with red skin, wearing a dark red cape, and having glowing yellow eyes. However, he has sometimes been portrayed as large, bloated creature with short, frog-like legs and a massive head. This depiction of the character first appeared in Daredevil #266. Mephisto's inconsistent appearance could be explained with his shape-shifting ability.


  • Mephisto was inspired by the demon of the same name from Germanic folklore.


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