Full Name



God of Seatopia


Destroy the surface world for polluting Seatopia


Gets battered by Godzilla and Jet Jaguar and flees back to Seatopia

Megalon is a giant beetle monster and the main antagonist of Godzilla vs. Megalon. He is worshipped as a god in Seatopia, and was sent to take revenge on the surface world for polluting the underwater kingdom.


Megalon was located in the underwarer kingdom of Seatopia. The Seatopians were furious at the surface world's pollution of the sea, and they called upon Megalon to take revenge. The giant monster rose up to the surface world to wreack havoc. The Setopians captured a robot called Jet Jaguar to direct Megalon to his targets. After a long time of suffering at the hands of Megalon, the humans were able to take control of Jet Jaguar and told him to get Godzilla.

With Jet Jagaur gone, Megalon basically was disfunctional and went on a mindless rampage until he was confronted by Jet Jaguar, who has altered his size to face Megalon. A brawl ensued, and Jet Jaguar was winning. Seeing this, the Seatopians pleaded for the Nebulans to help, and the space creatures answered their call by sending Gigan. Megalon was at first startled to see Gigan, but when Gigan made it clear he was there to help, the two teamed up to take on Jet Jaguar. Knowing he was outnumbered, Jet Jaguar tried to fly away, but was hit by a napalm bomb from Megalon. As the robot struggled to get up, Megalon and Gigan delivered an unrestricted beatdown, very nearly destroying him when Godzilla arrived to help.

After a heated battle, Megalon was brought down by Godzilla, who decided to help Jet Jaguar, who was being beaten by Gigan. As Godzilla tried to get Jet Jaguar to his feet, Megalon fired napalm bombs at them, creating a ring of fire around them. Megalon and Gigan taunted them, and the heroic monster and robot duo seemed doomed. Suddenly, Jet Jaguar flew Godzilla out of the fire, and the monster fired atomic blasts at the surprised Megalon and Gigan. Gigan's arm was broken and he fled into space, amd Megalon was given a thrashing before retreating to Seatopia.

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