Madame Medusa
Madame Medusa

Full Name



Madame Medusa


To retrieve the Devil's Eye and sell it for profit


Left at the mercy of her two pet crocodiles

What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?
~ Madame Medusa

Madame Medusa is the main antagonist in The Rescuers. She is the greedy owner of a seedy pawn shop, and Mr. Snoops' boss. 

She is voiced by Geraldine Page.


Prior to the events of the film, Madame Medusa discovered the location of the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye, buried underground in a pirate's cave in Devil's Bayou. However, she, along with her henchman Snoops and her pet crocodiles Brutus and Nero are too big to fit through it. Determined to retrieve the diamond, Medusa returned to New York, where she abducted an orphan girl named Penny and took her to Devil's Bayou to use her to get the diamond. She then returned to New York, leaving Snoops to guard the girl.

A few months later, Madame Medusa received a call from Snoops, who explained that he was having trouble managing Penny. Frustrated, Madame Medusa returned to Devil's Bayou to handle Penny herself. Upon arriving, Medusa subjected Penny to frequent belittlement and mistreatment, prompting Penny to try and escape, only to result in failure. At the same time, Bernard and Miss Bianca from the Rescue Aid Society arrive to save Penny, but are nearly killed by Medusa. The two find Penny and form a plan to escape.

Medusa eventually forced Penny to enter the underground cave, holding her teddy bear hostage. With help from Bernard and Miss Bianca, Penny managed to retrieve the Devil's Eye. Upon getting her hands on the diamond, Medusa turned on Snoops, revealing she planned to hoard the diamond for herself. Holding Penny and Mr. Snoops at gunpoint, Medusa was about to retreat, but the mice managed to trip her, causing her to drop the diamond and allowing Penny to retrieve it. A chase ensued, during which Medusa and Snoops were attacked by the animals in order to allow Penny to escape.

Penny managed to escape in Medusa's swampmobile, with Medusa giving chase. However, Medusa was ultimately defeated with Penny managing to escape. She was left at the mercy of her two crocodiles, with a fleeing Snoops laughing at her misfortune. It is unknown if Medusa escaped alive or not.

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