M. J. Bryce is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. He only appears in the episode Labor Day. He is voiced by Jim Ward.

He was a businessman whom Jenny used to work for in order to pay the Skyway Patrol for the massive damage she accidentally did to many famous US monuments while fooling around with Brad and Tuck.

M. J. Bryce is the billionaire CEO of a company that designs toys for cereal boxes. But when Jenny found out what he was up to (cheating, and stealing ideas from his competition), Jenny foiled his plans and put him behind bars.


M. J. Bryce is very shrewd and arrogant, often lying, cheating and stealing to get what he wants. At first, he paid Jenny quite generously for her delivery service as she quickly and efficiently delivered his products all over the world. However, when he found out that Jenny had unknowingly helped one of his competitors by delivering a product for their courier (who had been unable to deliver his package to due to a flat tire), Bryce became furious with Jenny, and threatened to stop paying her if she did not sabotage his competition by preventing them from delivering their products. Eventually, Jenny could not stand his crooked ways, and exposed M. J. Bryce’s plot to steal a hologram-projecting toy ring product from another breakfast cereal toy company, resulting in getting him arrested.


"So what if I steal from the competition? I'll lie, cheat, and steal if that's what it takes to be #1!" - Bryce to Jenny

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