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Lucifer the Cat is an antagonist of Disney's Cinderella. He is Lady Tremaine's mischievous pet cat who would cause problems to the title character. He was even worse to the many mice living in the house, constantly trying to eat them and had a rivalry with the dog Bruno. Lucifer loves causing trouble for the main characters.



Lucifer is first seen as a little kitten being held by Lady Tremaine as she and her two daughters look down at a young Cinderella. As he grows up, he starts to attack the mice in the house, led by Jaq. So when a new mouse named Gus comes, one of the first things jaq warns him about is Lucifer. Shortly after, Cinderella opens to door to Lady Tremaine where Lucifer sleeps, and tells Lucifer to come eat breakfast. The lazy cat refuses, but after Cinderella sharply tells him to come again, he finally gets out of bed and pompously walks out the door, scratching the ground as he yawns, and hobbles down the stairs. Gus loses fear of Lucifer and decides to fight him, but is held back by Jaq, who warns him again that Lucifer is mean.

Lucifer hisses when he sees Bruno the dog, sleeping and dreaming of chasing Lucifer. Lucifer snickers when Cinderella chastises him and tells him that he has to learn to like cats, saying Lucifer has his good points. Lucifer is hurt and angry when Cinderella then fails to come up with anything good about Lucifer, and he sratches Bruno in response and tricks Cinderella into thinking Bruno attacked him. Cinderella gets Bruno outside and then gives Lucifer a bowl of milk. Lucifer sticks his finger in the bowl, bored. During this time, the mice are trying to sneak past Lucifer to get the cheese outside, and Jaq agrees to be a distraction. He snuck up behind Lucifer and kicked him into bowl of milk, and then sprayed milk in his face, provoking Lucifer into chasing him, allowing the mice to go and take the cheese. As the mice snuck away with the cheese, one mouse dropped the cheese and Gus tried to take it, but spilt all his cheese, alerting Lucifer to his presence. By the time Gus knew he was there, Lucifer was right in front of him and had grabbed his tail. Thinking quickly, Jaq hit Lucifer with a broom. Gus hid under the cups on a plate, and Cinderella took the plate away while Lucifer followed. Anastasia Tremaine, Lady Tremaine

Lucifer about to cause trouble

's daughter, saw Gus under the cup and screamed, and Gus ran right into Lucifer's paw. Cinderella came and made Lucifer release Gus, but he was happy when Lady Tremaine punished Cinderella because she thought Cinderella intentionally put Gus under the cup. Lucifer was displeased when Lady Tremaine told Cinderella to make sure Lucifer gets his bath.

Lucifer is later seen trying not to listen to Aastasia and Drizella singing, obviously thinking it is awful. He eventually leaves the room and sees Cinderella cleaning the floor, and sees a chance for a trick. As she cleans and sings, Lucifer gets his paws dirty and runs around and makes a mess that Cinderella has to clean, and runs away when Cinderella notices. He sleeps in a room and Jaq and Gus run in to get the material needed to make Cinderella a dress, not seeing Lucifer. They grab the sash in the room and, seeing Lucifer, try to quickly dash back into the mouse hole, but Lucifer happens to wake up and notice them, and tries to grab them but they run into the hole. He then notices them come out of another hole when he hears Gus. Seeing they are after the bead necklace, he sits on it. He becomes suspicous when he sees Jaq whispering in Gus' ear. Jaq walks right past Lucifer and pulls buttons out of a dress, and Lucifer tries to get him, but sees Gus head for the necklace and sits on it again and then shuffles over the Jaq with the necklace and tries to attack, but Jaq flips a button into his nose, and Lucifer gets angry and attacks Jaq, and Gus grabs the necklace but hits the wall and the beads spill everywhere. Jucifer gets stuck in the shirt's sleeve and pulls himself to the two mice, who grab the beads and run into the hole, escaping Lucifer.

Near the end of the film, Lady Tremaine traps Cinderella in a room and Jaq and Gus grab the key and try to free her, but Lucifer traps Gus, who holds the key, under a cup. Cinderella tells him to free Gus but he justs snickers. Jaq then bites Lucifer's tail, making him jump and briefly release Gus, but he trapped Gus again. The other mice then run at Lucifer with forks, but Lucifer knocks them into a wall. The other mice try to scare Lucifer with a lighted candle, but Lucifer simply blows it out. The birds then drop plates and pots on Lucifer, who swipes at them and traps Gus again. The birds go and get Bruno on Cinderella's orders, and Bruno sees Lucifer and the cat screams and jumps out the window and falls down the castle, but survives.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Lucifer appears in the last segment, An Uncommon Romance, where he falls in love with a rich, snobbish cat named Pom-Pom, and promises never to chase the mice again if they help him get Pom-Pom to like him. The plan works, but Pom-Pom convinces Lucifer to attack the mice. they succeed in capturing them until Jaq dumps water on Pom-Pom, and she dumps Lucifer. The mice then hit Lucifer with a broom.

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

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