Lori Loud is one of the ten deuteragonists of The Loud House.

Antagonist Roles:

  • She is the main antagonist of the episode No Guts, No Glori.
  • She is cruel and mean.
  • She threatened to turn Lincoln Loud into a human pretzel.


At 17 years old, Lori is the oldest child of the Loud family, and the oldest of Lincoln's five older sisters. This is a fact she uses to assert authority and absolute dominance over her siblings. Lori is a senior at Royal Woods High School and attends school with her siblings Leni, Luna, and Luan.


Lori is the tallest among all her siblings. She has large blonde hair (a genetic trait she shares with her mother, even though her hair is longer). Her original design depicted her with pink eyeshadow, a white tank top, navy blue shorts, and black shoes. Later it was changed with a light blue tank top, brown cargo shorts, blue slip-on shoes, and blue eyeshadow. She also wears white pearl earrings.

Her nightwear consists of a sky blue nightshirt and blue slippers, but later, her current one contains a white tank top, and small blue and white shorts, with a checkered pattern, as seen in "Space Invader" and "Overnight Success". Her swimsuit is a two-piece light blue bikini.

In "Come Sale Away", it's revealed that she used to wear braces, a blue ribbon, and previously suffered from acne when she was younger. In "Anti-Social", it also shows she used to wear glasses.

In the cleaning-up scene of "No Spoilers", Lori wore a ponytail tied with a red ribbon with white dots and she wore green gloves on her hand, and a water spray with a brown string tied to her waist, but keeping her light blue tank top and brown cargo shorts outfit.

In "Driving Ambition", Lori once again wore a ponytail, but this time, she wore a white polo shirt, magenta skirt, white socks, and white rubber shoes.


Her phone is a handheld object owned by her. She often talks to her boyfriend Bobby with it, but she also talks to other people from time to time, and text with it as well. A common animation goof with her phone is that it changes colors at times.


  • Her name is a variant of the Latin name "Laura", and is the abbreviation of "Lorraine".
    • Her name also means "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree".
  • She was named after one of Chris Savino's five sisters.
  • In stereotypical teenage talk, Lori almost always uses the word "literally" when describing something.
    • Most of the time though, Lori doesn't use "literally" right. It only works if she is being literal, but Lori uses the word for all of her sentences.
  • Whenever Lori wants something, she claims she should get it because she is the oldest.
  • In "Driving Miss Hazy", Lori has a fear of her family not needing her, implying she has a savior complex.
  • In "Hand-Me-Downer", it is revealed that what Lori wears is not a real tank top, but the top of her mothers old girdle.
  • Lori used to have braces, as seen in an old picture of her in "Come Sale Away" and "Anti Social".
  • In "For Bros About to Rock", it is revealed that Luna ruined Lori's first Boyz Will Be Boyz concert, by accidentally making the power shut off.
  • Lori's ideal superpower is telekinesis, so she can text Bobby with no hands.
  • She is one of two Loud sisters to wear eyeshadow (in Lori's case, blue). The other one is Luna (purple).
  • In "Making the Case", Lori is one of five sisters with no trophy in the case. The other four are Leni, Luan, Lucy, and Lana.
  • Lori's pajamas are similar to what she wears in her prototype design.
  • Her middle name is Marie, as revealed by Leni in "Selfie Improvement", despite her middle name having an "L" in the middle of her driver's license.
  • According to Bobby in "Back in Black", Lori is on the varsity golf team, implying she is an excellent golfer. She also talks about attending a golf tournament in "No Such Luck". In "Change of Heart", she is seen going to a golf tournament.
    • In Lynn's episode of the Listen Out Loud podcast, Lori says that one of the reasons she likes golf is because of her dislike of running.
  • Lori is the third most feminine Loud sister, after Leni and Lola. She usually wears shorts instead of a dress, but she loves fashion and other stereotypical teenage girl things.
  • From the picture of her feeding baby Lincoln ice cream in "The Whole Picture", it looks like she's worn similar clothes for most of her life.
  • According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation podcast, Lori's favorite movie is Dirty Dancing.[4]
  • Dub facts:
    • Her Polish name is Hanna (Hannah) with the nickname "Hania."
    • Her Finnish name is Laura.
    • Lori's Russian dubber, Anastasiya Lapina, also voices Rita, Leni, Lola, Lily, and Ronnie Anne.
    • Lori's Korean dubber, MinJeong RYeo, also voices Mrs. Johnson.
    • Lori's Filipino dubber, Mariz Mendoza, also voices Haiku.
    • Lori's Latin American dubber, Fernanda Robles, is the daughter of Rebeca Patiño, who voices Mrs. Johnson.
      • Lori's Greek dubber, Tania Palaiologou, also voices Luan.
  • Lori says that her favorite food is sushi, although she has never tried it.
  • Her dream job is to be the chief executive officer (more commonly called "CEO") of a major corporation--or, at the very least, the co-CEO of a major corporation.
  • According to the image of her feeding Lincoln ice cream in "The Whole Picture", she had an extra pair of eyelashes when she was younger.
  • Lori is known to have a flatulence problem but refuses to admit it. Whenever she farts, she always tries to claim that it was her shoes, creaky floorboards, or seats, that made the farting noise.
    • As of now, the times she farted were in "Making the Case", "Garage Banned", "Tripped!", and Lola's episode of the Listen Out Loud podcast.
  • It is revealed in "Fed Up" that if Lori eats anything unhealthy for dinner, then she'll break out.
  • According to "Butterfly Effect", Lincoln apparently thinks that Lori secretly fears that Bobby might end up leaving her for their sister, Leni.
  • On Lori's baby photo, Lori was born with a pointed head, no hair, and webbed feet.
    • Another baby photo shows a similar appearance, except for a few strands of hair on her head.
  • According to Lori in "Anti-Social", she refers to her pre-teen or tween years as her "awkward stage".
  • Even though she's the oldest, she has no knowledge about black-and-white TVs, encyclopedias, and polka, according to "Lock 'n' Loud".
  • According to Carol in "Selfie Improvement", Lori made the Varsity Golf team when they were freshmen.
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