Lieutenant Kotler is the secondary antagonist of John Boyne's book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a book about a boy named Bruno who is the son of a Nazi Commandant that is trying to make sense of the holocaust. His first villainous act is when he is smug with Bruno at the beginning of the story when Bruno asks for a tire swing. His second villainous act is when he kills Pavel who is a Jew from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp that is working around the Commandant's house. It all happens when Lieutenant Kotler gets impatient with Pavel when he is not moving fast enough to serve him his wine. Once Pavel serves Kotler his wine, he accidentally spills some on the table cloth. Lieutenant Kotler gets up, yells at Pavel, takes him to the back room and starts to beat him and eventually kills him. His second villainous act is when he his Shmuel Shmuel (the boy Bruno is visiting from the concentration camp) after he takes him to the Commandant's house to clean the wine glasses for a party. He hits Shmuel after he catches him talking to Bruno and stealing a cookie from the table. His final villainous act is when he is talking to Bruno's mother as she looks up at the ashes from the crematorium and says, "They smell worse when the burn," (in reference to the Jews in Auschwitz). In conclusion, Lieutenant Kotler is considered an antagonist because he does harmful things that effect other characters.

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