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Eat Minilla and Godzilla


Gets thrown across the forest by Godzilla

Kumonga is a giant spider and the primary antagonist of the film Son of Godzilla. Kumonga appears as an ally of Godzilla in Destroy All Monsters and a minor villain in Godzilla: Final Wars.



Kumonga would usually sleep for months and rise occasionally to feed. However, her rest was disturbed whem Godzilla's young son Minilla had a scuffle with a giant mantis known as the Kamacuras and several boulders were knocked into a hole and hit her. Rising from the ground, The giant arachnid crawled up the hill and spotted Goro and Saeko, a natve girl. Immediately, Kumonga attacked them, forcing them into a small hole that Kumonga was too big to fit in. Kumonga hadn't given up yet, and was able to track the two to a group of humans. She early caught one but was forced to let go. She decided to simply wait for the humans to get out.

However, dinner came quicker than expected when Minilla stumbled into the area. Trapping Minilla in webbing, Kumonga noticed the same Kamacuras from earler trying make a getaway. Unwilling to let the insect leave, Kumonga entrapped the Kamacuras in webbing as well.

Kumonga spitting webbing

Kumonga approached the mantis and qucikly japped it with her poison stinger, killing the insect instantly right in front of the frightened Minilla. Kumonga turned her attention back to Minilla and prepared to do the same to him, tanting him by sticking her stinger out at him. Before she could reach him, she was confronted by Godzilla. After a brief fight, Kumonga decided to leave, but Godzilla attacked again. Kumonga countered by trapping Godzilla in her web. Kumonga decided to attack Minilla again, but Godzilla freed himself and tried to defend his son. Kumonga was knoked down. As Godzilla looked down, Kumonga used the opportunity to jab Godzilla in the eye with her poison stinger and hgot back up. The humans, meanwhile, had been freezing the island so they could escape the monsters. Godzilla decided to defeat Kumonga with his strength, but the spider proved to be very strong and pinned Godzilla to the ground. At that moment, Minilla fired an atomic blast at Kumonga, knocking her off. She spat her webbing, but Godzilla's atomic ray burned it. Then Godzilla and Minilla fought Kumonga at the smae time, and the spider was finally subdued.
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