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King Kong


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Shot down by airplanes

King Kong is the titular monster from the 1933 classic, King Kong. Kong is remembered as one of the most famous monsters to be put on film. His enemies are Foetdons, Vastatosaurus rexes, Terapusmordaxes, Piranhadons,and Cave serpents.


King Kong

Kong has been given women by the natives of Skull Island as a sacrifice. Kong would take the woman and usually killed her. When a crew led by Carl Denham from New York arrived at Skull Island to see Kong, the natives took an interest in Ann Darrow and kidnapped her to present as a sacrifice for Kong. Sure enough, several trees were knocked down and Kong appeared in front of Ann. Taking an interest in Ann, Kong grabbed her and walked away with her in his hand. Carl Denham and his crew followed to rescue her, but the several members of the crew were killed by a brontosaurus.

Kong set Ann on a tree and attacked the rest of the crew, who were on a log. Kong shook the log until the crew members fell to their death. Only Carl Denham and Ann's lover Jack Driscoll survived. Kong tried to grab Jack, but heard Ann being attacked by an Allosaurus. Kong challenged the dinosaur to a fight. The two beasts brawled, and Kong was knocked down but got up and continued to fight, jumping on his enemy's back and bringing him to the ground. Kong proceeded to snap his jaws and killed him. With tha Allosaurus dead, Kong brought Ann to his lair.

There, Kong was attacked by a plesiosaur, but Kong killed the creature. Ann was attacked once again, thisd time by a Pteranodon. Kong came to her rescue and managed to kill it, but during the fight, Jack rescued Ann. Kong went on a rampage and killed many natives before being subdued by the film crew and taken to New York, where he is presented to an audience. Kong breaks free of his bonds and goes on a rampage, and looks for Ann. He grabs one woman but sees it isn't her and drops her to her death, and grabs Ann and climbs the Empire State Building, where several airplanes fly in and shoot Kong. He destroys one, but is fatally wounded and plummets to his death below.

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