Full Name



The Deceiver, The Beautiful One, Great Friend, Great One, Legionlord, Lord of Flame


Destroy all of creation


Banished back to the Nether

The end has come! Let the unraveling of this world commence!
~ Kil'jaeden

Kil'jaeden is an antagonist in the Warcraft universe. He is an ancient demon lord and the leader of the Burning Legion and the creator of the Lich King, and whose ultimate goal is the destruction of all creation.


Rise of the Horde

Twenty-five thousand years ago, Kil'jaeden was the benevolent leader of the eredar civilization, a race of magic-wielders, along with his colleague Archimonde and best friend Velen, who Kil'jaeden loved like a brother. One day, the three leaders came into contact with the titan Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion, who offered them immense power in exchange for loyalty. Whereas Kil'jaeden and Archimonde accepted the proposal, Velen remained hesitant. When Kil'jaeden learned that Velen had sided with Sargeras' enemies, the naaru, he furiously pursued his former friend across the cosmos for thousands of years. However, he was unable to find Velen.

After five thousand years had passed, Sargeras tasked Kil'jaeden with seeking out recruits to join the Burning Legion. Kil'jaeden proceeded to enslave several dark races throughout the universe. He also sent his followers to pursue the draenei, destroying the worlds that they had settled in. Eventually, Kil'jaeden discovered that the draenei had settled into a planet that they had named Draenor, which was also home to the orcish people.

Seeing potential in the orcs, Kil'jaeden convinced the shamans of each clan, including the elder shaman Ner'zhul, that the draenei were plotting against them. At Kil'jaeden's behest, the orcs began to launch raids against the draenei, deceived into believing it was their ancestor's will. When Ner'zhul discovered the truth and attempted to undo his actions, Kil'jaeden stripped the shaman of his powers, introducing warlock magic to Ner'zhul's former apprentice, Gul'dan. The power-hungry orc accepted Kil'jaeden's offer, and went to work bringing the orcs under demon rule.

With the orcs under his control, Kil'jaeden gave the orcs the Blood of Mannoroth, causing them to devolve into savages. Kil'jaeden promptly orchestrated the near-extermination of the draenei. With the draenei near-destroyed, Kil'jaeden promptly abandoned the orcs and informed Sargeras that he could use the orcs to conquer Azeroth. However, the orcs lost the Second War.

The Lich King

After the orcs were defeated in the Second War, Kil'jaeden formulated a plan to create an army of undead warriors bound to his will. Finding Ner'zhul within the Twisted Nether, the demon tortured the shaman mercilessly, destroying his body until nothing remained but his soul. Kil'jaeden then offered the tortured soul a choice: remain in eternal agony in the eredar dimension, or become the ruler of an undead army. Ner'zhul chose the latter, and Kil'jaeden transformed him into the Lich King. However, he refused to give him a body, instead sealing his soul, and a specially forged armor, into the Frozen Throne. Kil'jaeden then created the first liches, and promised Ner'zhul that if he succeeded, he will be granted freedom and a new body.

Kil'jaeden's intentions was for his undead army to wipe out all resistance and raise the fallen as his undead legions, and thus began the Third War. However, the Lich King broke his pact with Kil'jaeden, informing Illidan Stormrage of the Skull of Gul'dan, and orchestrated the death of Tichondrius, one of the Legion's greatest tactitians. This led to the Legion's ultimate defeat.

The Frozen Throne

Now that the Lich King had grown out of the demon lord's control, Kil'jaeden set out to acquire a new pawn. He conversed with Illidan, telling him that if he destroyed the Frozen Throne, thus killing the Lich King, Kil'jaeden would offer him immense power. He gave Illidan the Orb of Kil'jaeden to aid him in his task. 

Illidan ultimately failed in his task due to the interference of his brother, Malfurion Stormrage, and fled to to Outland to escape punishment. Gaining the loyalty of the blood elves, Illidan managed to defeat the pit lord Magtheridon by destroying the dimensional gates opened by Ner'zhul decades before. Kil'jaeden arrived and confronted Illidan, commanding him to destroy the Frozen Gate once more. However, the Lich King persisted, having merged with Arthas Menethil

Fury of the Sunwell

Kil'jaeden converged with Kael'thas Sunstrider, promising him salvation for the blood elves. Kael attempted to use the corrupted Sunwell to allow Kil'jaeden to enter Azeroth. Anveena, the embodiment of the Sunwell's energy, was used to feed the portal and allow Kil'jaeden to enter. However, she was ultimately sacrificed in order to banish Kil'jaeden back to the Nether.


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