J. Curby Gremlin is the leader of the cars Gremlin and one of the supporting antagonists (alongside Tubbs Pacer Victor Hugo and Vladimir Trunkov) in Cars 2.


J. Gremlin is seen for the first time at the Porto Corsa casino with the other lemon leaders. He introduced himself to Victor Hugo who joined the meeting. When their big boss (with a modified voice) explains that they will get their revenge, he states the different insults that the lemons have suffered, which annoys J. Curby. 

After the crash of the race, Axlerod will no longer force anyone to run on Allinol for the last race scheduled in London. 

This is where we will see Curby, Zündapp and the other lemons. The latter captured and locked up Mater, Holley and Finn inside Big Bentley, although they managed to escape. While Z fails to have McQueen killed, he is chased by Finn and Curby with the other lemons go and kill McQueen themselves. 

He and the other lemons block the way to Mater, McQueen, Finn and Holley on a crossroads and Mater tries to reason with them. Curby doesn't listen and points a gun at them only to be ejected by Red through his garden hose. Curby is then sent and blocked between a gate and a building. He must have been arrested after that.

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