The Hydra

Full Name

The Hydra




Eat Hercules


Crushed under several giant boulders

The Hydra is giant reptilian monster that appeared in Disney's Hercules. She is one of the monsters used by Hades. Every time a head is removed from Hydra's body, three more grow back.


The Hydra had been trapped in a cave until Hades' to henchmen, Pain & Panic, disguised themselves as little boys trapped in the cage and Hercules lifted up the rock covering the cave. Moments after Pain & Panic left, the giant Hydra stormed out the cave, and the first thing she saw was Hercules. The giant immediately attacked Hercules, who fought back with his sword. Hercules' trainer, Philoctetes, shouted out some moves to avoid the Hydra's attacks, but the Hydra eventually knocked Hercules' sword away. Hercules tried to distract the Hydra by throwing a boulder into her mouth, but the Hydra smashed it with her teeth and laughed. She lunged at Hercules again, who grabbed her mouth and threw her away and grabbed the sword and tried to stab her, but she moved out of the way and threw him into the air. He fell down right into her mouth and the monster swallowed him.

The Hydra then lunged at the crowd of people in the area, but stopped because she felt something in her throat, and Hercules cut her throat off from the inside. The head flew into the air and landed on the ground. The supposabely dead Hydra crashed to the ground. Hercules, albeit injured, got up and was about to leave when the Hydra's headless body moved. The body then got up and three more heads sprouted from it. Seeking revenge, the Hydra chased after Hercules and nearly ate him when his winged horse Pegasus carried him into the air. From the air, Hercules chopped of more of the Hydra's heads, but even more sprouted. Hercules was knocked off Pegasus and the Hydra pinned him to a cliff. All of the heads lunged for Hercules, but he came up with an idea at the last second and smashed his fist into the cliff, causing a landslide. The Hydra could only give a look of horror as she was crushed to death under the boulders.

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